Wildlife : The Camel

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Lasseters Camel Cup


Name: Dromedary

Scientific Name: Camelus dromedarius

Alternative Names: Arabian Camel, Indian Camel, One-hump Camel


Fast Facts

  • Dromedaries are found in Arabian deserts, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Africa and now Australia.  They are the next largest member of the camel family, second to the two humped Bactrian camel, which is found mainly in China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.
  • Males can be up to 2m tall and weigh up to 600kg.
  • Camels wee on their legs and the evaporation cools them off.
  • Their specialised kidneys allow them to tolerate water loss of more than 30% – more than 15% water loss would kill most other animals.
  • Their hump is filled with fat, not water.
  • Their bushy eyebrows and long lashes protect their eyes, and they are able to completely close their nostrils during sandstorms.
  • Alpacas and llamas are related to camels
  • Camels first arrived in Australia in 1840 and up until 1907, about 12,000 camels were imported.  They were registered like we register cars today, and when cars finally came on the scene, all the camels were released into the wild.  Australia is now the only place in the world where you’ll find feral camels.


There are so many amazing camel facts – check them out for yourself!


Cable Beach


Our Encounter

Everybody knows about Juz’s close encounter with a camel named Coco in Western Australia.  Since then, we have crossed paths with many other camels, particularly in Broome and Alice Springs.


Juz probably didn't deserve it... probably...


We had a fantastic day at the Lasseters Camel Cup in Alice Springs watching the camels racing around the track and getting up close to them between races.


Lasseters Camel Cup


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  1. Doug Fernandez on said:

    Hi Dave keep Juz away from the camels especially the Dromedaries(found in India also) after her narrow escape with Coco-take care-Doug

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