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Shingleback Lizard


Name: Shingleback Lizard
Scientific Name: Trachydosaurus rugosus

Alternative Names: Stumpy-tailed Lizard, Boggi,  Sleepy Lizard, Bobtail Lizard, Two-headed Lizard and Pinecone Lizard.  This lizard has more alternative names than any other Australian animal.


Location: Through the southern end of Australia from WA to Victoria, and up through the NSW & QLD outback.


Fast Facts:

  • It is related to the common bluetongue lizard
  • His tongue is blue to ward off potential threats
  • They can be up to 40cm in length
  • They’re thick scaly skin protects them against water loss in their dry habitat
  • Their favourite food are flowers, but they also eat foilage, fruits, berries and insects.


Cuteness Rating : About as cute as The Thing

Danger Rating : Pick on someone your own size…


Shingleback Lizard Threat Display

Our Encounter

After spending the night camping by the Darling River, we drove south east along the Ivanhoe-Menindee Road to get to the Cobb Hwy.  This road is a little bumpy (especially if you’re driving Toyota Corolla Hatchback) and there was a lot of slowing down to avoid massive pot holes and roadkill, but we got to see a lot of wildlife.


We noticed that there were lizards on the side of the road, warming their scales in the hot sun.  We tried to stop a few times to take pictures but they scuttled into the grasses before we could get a shot.


We did get lucky though.  One lizard was social enough to stick around for a photo shoot and threat display. Even though he was 100 times smaller than us, he still had a go and we were hesitant to get any closer.  We admired him for a little longer before getting back into the Corolla for Ivanhoe.


We saw another shingleback in Narrung, SA – he was cruising through our campsite, looking for some shade from the harsh sun.


Juz checking out the shingleback that ventured through our camp.



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