Wildlife : Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko

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Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko

Name: Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko

Scientific Name: Strophurus ciliaris

Location: in semi-eucalypt woodlands of Northern Australia


The northern spiny-tailed gecko is typically arboreal, but it has been found in desert areas that are void of vegetation.  They are primarily nocturnal but don’t mind basking in sunlight hours.


Apart from dropping their tail when threatened, they have an interesting nervous trait – these geckos will squirt a musky smelling fluid from glands in its tail area.  This sticky fluid turns into long threads like spider silk that stick to your skin.


As with many other species of gecko, they feed on small insects found within their habitat.  The females are pregnant frequently throughout the year and lay two soft shelled eggs.


Lorella Springs 2014-05-16 334


Our Encounter

Juz nearly lost her shit when she spotted one on a small tree at Lorella Springs.  She was going to use the branch for support while following a rocky path and nearly grabbed onto the little guy.  Dave turned around to find Juz squealing by the tree and the gecko was so well camouflaged that he needed to be within centimetres to notice it.


We were mesmerised by its dragonesque eyes – the pattern was beautifully intricate and those two spikes were like thick eyelashes.  As it calmly crawled over Juz’s hands onto Dave’s shoulder, it headed for the beard.


Northern Spiny-Tailed Gecko


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