Volunteering : Lorella Springs Wilderness Park

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Lorella Springs



Over the next four days, we got our hands dirty and did odd jobs around Lorella Springs.  By volunteering, our accommodation and meals were all sorted, and we got two free drinks a day.  We also got the satisfaction of leaving our mark on Lorella Springs and getting to know the other volunteers better.


Not only did Juz team up with Rich in the kitchen to cook up lunches and dinners, she also painted a mural next to the bar using spray paint.  She had never used spray paint before, and corrugated iron is not the best canvas to work on, but she adapted and produced a mural that got lots of positive feedback.  Once the mural was complete, she moved over to a toilet block and painted a cockatoo for the boys and a pink galah for the girls.


Lorella Springs


Dave also helped out in the kitchen but his main task was digging trenches and running cabling for the cabins and safari tents with Brogan.  Dave also had time to check the Troopy’s rear right wheel, which had been making a grinding noise for the last few days.  Turns out the brake pads were worn down to nothing and the disc had been seriously damaged.  There was nothing he could do about it at Lorella Springs so we planned to replace the disc and brake pads in Tennant Creek.


Lorella Springs


We had planned to finally leave by our 10th day but there was a rumour going around that they were going to hold a pizza night and there was no way we were going to miss out on PIZZA!  We put together a capricciosa with anchovies and everyone got a slice of each pizza that was made.  We had our last drinks around the fire, prompting Rhett to tell stories about Lorella Springs, and we eventually went to bed promising ourselves that we would leave the next day…


Lorella Springs


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    good Juz I knew you were a good chef but did not realise you are a great artist till now

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