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It has almost been two weeks since we handed in the keys to our house and became homeless landlords.


It has been a bit strange – not having a fixed address or place to call home – but thankfully, we have fabulous friends and family who have let us borrow a bedroom so we have somewhere to sleep before we head off.


Our first ‘half-way’ house was with our mates Jess and Matt in Heidelberg.  We spent every night chatting and eating and drinking beer and we’d like to extend a massive thanks to you guys for letting us hang out.  You are truly awesome!

After three comfortable nights, we said sayonara to the northern suburbs and headed to our next location down in the the south-east. Dave’s cousin Glen and his girlfriend Mel live in Keysborough, close to where we grew up.  They kindly lent us a bedroom for the week – even though they’re in the middle of packing up to move house themselves!


On the last night of our stay we had a bit of a farewell party – for the house and us.  It was one of those houses where the door was always open and you were always welcome for dinner, to crash on the floor after a big night, or even to stay for a few weeks.

We are now sharing ourselves between our ever-supportive and ever-accommodating parents, who luckily live not too far from each other. We cannot thank you guys enough for all the things you’ve done to help us get everything prepared for this trip.



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