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Google Maps

During the planning stage of our trip, any place that we wanted to visit was marked with a star on Google Maps.  Juz’s Google account saved all the stars.  It’s also a handy tool for measuring distances – simply type your starting point and destination and it will work it out for you (e.g. from Adelaide to Port Augusta)



Probably the biggest travel website on the interwebs.  Search for accommodation, attractions and restaurants and check out the reviews.

If you’re travelling around in a Toyota Landcruiser or Hilux, then bookmark this site.  Spare parts are ordered online and delivered to most places in Australia overnight!


National Park Websites

Each state has its own parks website that provides information to visitors.  Many have fact sheets and maps of the parks, with information about wildlife, geology and walking tracks.











Tides 4 Fishing

A great website for the new dangler or experienced angler, Tides 4 Fishing will give you a tide table, solunar chart and the time of sunrise and sunset of a particular location.  It has a really high accuracy rate, and since we have been using the website, there has only been one instance that wasn’t successful.


YHA Australia

Check your destination for budget accommodation with the YHA Australia website.  They have over 80 hostels around Australia and provide various options for accommodation, including shared rooms, private rooms and deluxe rooms.



As you travel, you may want to work for accommodation.  If you’re heading to a destination that doesn’t have any hostels looking for people to work for accommodation, then you may want to check out HelpX.


HelpX is an online listing of hosts who create ads that invite volunteers to stay at their farm, homestead, home, range, hostel or lodge, and work for around 4 hours a day for meals and a bed.  We have used it several times and each experience has been amazing.


Travel Outback Australia

If you’re heading to the Aussie outback, you can’t get any better than some local advice.  Gary and Amanda live in Alice Springs and are passionate about the outback.  They cover topics such as Aboriginal culture, national parks and breaking down in the middle of nowhere.



If you want to sell something online to local buyers, or buy something at a bargain price, Gumtree is a great place to start.  It’s free to place an ad and depending on what you’re selling, the response can be fairly quick.  There’s an app for it too.



Thrifty eating!  You’ve only got $20 in your pocket and you want to spend it on something good. Use the Urbanspoon app or website to find cheap food outlets with good reviews near you.



Need inspiration? Pinterest is a treasure trove of good ideas, handy tips and pretty pictures.  Collect recipes, travel destinations and clever camping hacks and pin them in one place. There is also a Pinterest app so you can access your interests from anywhere!  Check out our Pinterest page here.



Keep all your documents in one place where you can’t lose them and you can share them with friends and family.  Dropbox is one of those storage places in the clouds.  Organise your photos and documents in your Dropbox and access them from any computer with an internet connection, or from your phone via the app.


Our Naked Australia

Duh… this website is super useful.  Use the search bar at the top to find out stuff about your next destination.


What website can you not live without while travelling?




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