Troopy Update : Saggy Springs & Other Things

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Fraser Coast 2015-05-13 082w


Yo, Dave here.


It’s been ages since the last Troopy update, but you know what they say, “No news is good news” … right?


A new spring in her step!

Ever since we bought the Troopy, her rear springs have been saggy and she’s been dragging her arse all around Australia.  I decided it was time to get her some fresh legs before we left Cairns, so I did the rounds and got some quotes.


Most places wanted almost $2000 to replace the springs and associated parts and they all said the shock absorbers would definitely need to be replaced too – for and an additional fee of about $1000 plus labour, of course.


I ended up going with Spring and Blacksmithing who quoted parts and installation for $1400.  A friend had recommended them, but I also really liked the guys there. The owner Stan is honest and funny – he’s a tell-it-like-it-is kinda guy.  When I asked about the shockers, he said “we’ll see how they look after we do the springs. But if they’re not leaking or stuffed, we don’t need to touch them”.


Seeing as the original quote was $1400, I was expecting to pay at least $1500, but the final price for the springs, shackles, bushes and u-bolts came to just over $1300.  And the shockers were fine!


With her new legs, the Troopy was instantly about 8cms taller than before.  It feels so much higher and the arse is certainly not dragging anymore!




A little TLC…

Apart from spending a fair bit of money on new springs, there were a few cosmetic and basic maintenance issues that needed to be addressed.   We finally ordered a Troopcarriers Of Australia sticker for our windscreen, proudly displaying our Troopy legend status.  I also spent a day on the roof of the Troopy repainting the Our Naked Australia sign and deflector hood.   I had some paint left over, so I touched up the bull bar and the rear bumpers too.




The windows were starting to get really stiff, so I sprayed the channels and mechanisms with silicone spray, and I had to replace the rocker cover gasket.  The Troopy was due for an oil and filter change too, so I went down to my favourite op shop to look for a cheap plastic tub that could catch 10 litres of used oil.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I actually found a proper oil drain pan for just two bucks!  With the oil, filter and gasket changed, I quickly replaced the heater hoses that were only just holding on.


On my travels around Cairns, I also found a Doug’s Tub.  If you own a Land Cruiser, you need to go buy one of these for your glove box right now.




Leave a light on for me!

When we were in Caboolture, someone pointed out that our number plate light wasn’t working.  I had a look at it that afternoon, and found the wires had all come off inside the rear door.  Rejoining wires is usually a piss easy job, but because the break was inside the door, it was fiddly.  Anyway, I got them reattached, re-taped, and better than before.


Troopcarriers of Australia Winter Ramble

Imagine a place where there’s Troopcarriers as far as the eye can see… Such a place really exists.  At least for one weekend a year.  The 2015 ToA Winter Ramble was held at Coorongooba campground within the Capertee Valley in Wollemi National Park, NSW.  We got to meet so many legends who were friends we’d never met.  Stories were told, beer was swilled, and promises of future catch ups were sworn.  We had a great weekend, and can’t wait to do it again.  Troopy love!


Central West 2015-07-18 040w


Melbourne here we come!

As we make our way back home, the Troopy is holding up nicely.  Apart from a leaking clutch slave cylinder, we haven’t had any other major issues.  Once we’re in Melbourne, I’ll have plenty of time to deal with all the little things.





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  1. doug on said:

    Surprised to hear of the Doug’s tub so besides the whiskey(black Douglas )glad to hear something else bears my name.Good luck Dave & Juz on your 2 week Tasmania adventure & can see Troopy all ready thru our window.Dave I heard you take off slowly for work this morning at 5.45am & thanks for being considerate even though I will miss hearing you going to work for the next 2 weeks.Relax both of you & take care.

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