FOUND : Our SA treasure has been discovered!

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Arrr me hearties – do ye like some adventure?

How about ye go and find our buried treasure!

Our first concealed booty is somewhere in South Australia,

Betwixt Port Lincoln and Ceduna on the Eyre Peninsula.


Now because it’s the first, we’ll make it real easy, ‘cuz you’re all mates.

It’s buried at Lock’s Well, here are the GPS coordinates…








Congratulations to Renata for finding our treasure at Locks Well on the Eyre Peninsula!  After 9 months of being buried underneath the stair landing, it’s been discovered, rusty and weathered, but the miscellaneous goodies inside are still intact.


Renata & Stella dig up the treasure!


SA Treasure


Renata and Phil are on a road trip with their two kids and Stella the dog.  Starting from Melbourne, they’ve made their way through South Australia to find our treasure before they head north towards Alice Springs.


Congratulations guys.  We hope you’ve enjoy your travels, and we hope you enjoy your treasure!


Happy Holidays



Little Creatures


 Please note that you need to be 18 years old or over to redeem the treasure! Yar!

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