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Office Work in Darwin : March 2014


I’m baaaaaaaack… in an office!


As much as I loved working in party hire, the Wet Season came and washed away all the business.  The office got quiet and I needed more hours so I quit to find something more consistent… and that’s how I ended up back in an office.


I had a desk with a computer, blutac, staples, pens and pencils, and dealt with lots of data and spreadsheets, but there was a twist.  I worked in the back office of a primary school.


If you are good at office work but want an extra dimension to keep you on your toes, then working in a school might be just what you’re after, but just make sure you have an up-to-date first aid certificate because you’re going to need it I provided first aid of various degrees on the kids, from bumped heads and bruises through to chipped teeth and bloody grazed knees.  Magic ice packs and magic band aids were used most often, especially after lunch, and occasionally, there was a youngster that didn’t quite make it to the toilets.


The kids were one element, but I can’t neglect to mention the parents.  There are two clear groups of parents – the kind, easy-going, happy ones, and the others.  Words that come to mind are overbearing, aggressive, intimidating, neglectful, suspicious and downright bitchy.


I loved doing the weekly newsletters and updates, and some of the kids were hilarious to talk to. The teachers were also great to work with and I grew to admire their patience and hard work. The Friday morning teas were also a great opportunity to eat an assortment of cakes, crackers and little boys.


Eventually though, I started to resent the desk, and the computer, and the spreadsheets, and I couldn’t wait to get back out on the road again.  I believe that when we get back home to Melbourne, I’ll try other avenues before planting myself back in an office again.  Party hire and events is definitely an option, or perhaps I’ll suss out what it takes to be a tour guide…




Office work in Perth : March 2013

Happy little receptionist =D

Hi folks – Juz here!


While we were in Perth, I managed to get some office work – three days as a receptionist and eight days in a call centre.



The reception role involved sitting at a desk and helping people who walked into the office, answering and transferring calls, filling out paper work and doing administrative things on the computer.  The call centre role was similar, but I was helping people who were calling the hotline.



  • Clean, air conditioned office
  • Not physically taxing
  • Fully stocked kitchen available with tea and coffee and cooking facilities
  • Colleagues were super friendly, helpful and great to work with
  • Office activities like cake, special lunches and Champagne Friday
  • The pay tends to be pretty good



  • Sitting in a chair all day doing repetitive work
  • Air conditioning can spread bugs
  • Enclosed environment


I really enjoyed working in an office for a number of reasons.  It was for the same company I worked for when we lived in Melbourne, so it was really great to meet all the awesome people who I’d dealt with back at home.  That was the best part about working in Perth and I want to thank everyone for being so warm and welcoming.



Also, the air conditioning was a relief from the hot Perth weather, it was great having a kettle and fridge nearby, and the convenience of a Nespresso machine to make my coffee was awesome.  Unfortunately, because I worked in an office back at home, I soon got itchy to back to the bush and was reminded why Dave and I left for this adventure in the first place.


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    Hi Dave & Juz enjoy the fresh air rather than the a/c in an office

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