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Hi folks – Juz here.


Since quitting my job two weeks ago, I thought I’d try out a job that might potentially suit backpackers and travellers who can only do a few shifts before moving on.  I went on and found an ad looking for walkers to deliver pamphlets.  I had never done anything like it so I thought I’d give it a go.


I rang the number provided and the guy invited me to the warehouse to talk about the role and said that if I wanted the job, it was mine.  When I arrived, there were a few people there loading up their car with newspapers and bundles of catalogues.  I met up with the guy and he sat me down in his office, gave me a rundown of what I’d have to do and I said, “sure, let’s do this”.


He assigned me to a small area, showed me my pile of junk mail and newspapers I’d have to deliver, then advised that sorting and collating the catalogues would take about an hour and the delivery should take 2-3 hours, so for around 4 hours of work, I’d get $47.  I wasn’t impressed but was still willing to complete the task.


I loaded up the truck with my papers and drove to mum’s house for lunch.  It wasn’t until I started the sorting and collating the junk mail in her lounge room that I realised I was an idiot.  If I was to sort and collate all the junk mail by myself, it would have taken a lot longer than an hour.  Mum saw my agony so she sat down to help.  We finished it in about two hours – working together.


“Mum, today is going to be the worst day of my life…”

“Will you be able to finish all of this today?”

“Probably not – I’ll have to finish it off tomorrow.”

“Well then tomorrow will also be the worst day of your life too…”




As mums do, she cleared her schedule and offered to help me do the rounds.  It was a warm, sunny day, we were looking forward the physical activity, and it would have been a nice way to spend time together before Dave and I leave for our adventure.


We drove to my assigned delivery area, devised a plan of action and loaded ourselves up with the gear for delivery.  We had a nanna trolley and two backpacks that we wore on our fronts – mum bore the local papers while I had the junk mail and dragged the nanna trolley full of supplement junk and papers behind me.  The rounds started at 3:30pm.


As we were walking through the suburban streets of Caulfield, I thought to myself, “How was I supposed to do this on my own?”  There were two newspapers to delivery, plus a stack of assorted junk mail.  I would have had to park the car close by and be constantly going back to replenish my backpack – it would have taken ages!


After the first section of houses, Mum had the energy to keep going and I wasn’t going to call it a day when I had such willing help.  We smashed out another residential block and managed to complete three quarters of my area by 5:30pm.


The last quarter was a commercial block that only receives the newspapers – a burden I was willing to carry on my own the next day.



The Verdict

It wasn’t the worst two days of my life.


The fresh air, sun on my face and chatting with mum was pleasant.  The shit part was carrying the heavy papers on our shoulders (sore back), and walking encumbered with this burden for hours (sore feet), and only getting $47 for all that time and labour (bullshit).


The verdict – not worth it.



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