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Hi guys – Juz here…


When we realised we were stuck in Alice Springs for at least another two weeks because of Troopy issues, I knew that I’d have to get a job – for two reasons.  Firstly, because if I sat around doing nothing, my mind would melt and secondly, we’d need extra money for the mechanic’s bill.


I scored an interview at the big name burger joint in town and after a really odd interview, I was told I’d gotten the job. However, as the rosters had been done for the next two weeks, I’d have to wait at least that long for my first shift. I walked out with a bittersweet feeling – it was awesome that I got the job but shitty that I wouldn’t start for another two weeks.


As I drove home, I cracked the shits and realised that I didn’t want to work at a big name burger joint anyway. Determined to go home with a job I actually wanted, I pulled into the Subway store around the corner from where we were staying and marched in. After filling out the application form and having an informal interview with the manager, I was given a uniform and my first shift was the next day.


Subway travel job


The Role

Working as a sandwich artist was great. If I wasn’t making awesome subs for customers, I’d be washing dishes, preparing salads and meats for the day, putting together platter orders and general cleaning duties. It was great to learn about all aspects of the store, from baking the bread and cookies to processing lunch orders for a local school.


I also was enrolled in Subway University, and am now a certified Sandwich Artist.  This is great because it gets my foot in the door at other Subway stores if we need to stop for work again.


The End

Unfortunately, after only one week of work, we got the Troopy back from the mechanics, which meant that we’d be leaving town soon. I tried to be as honest and upfront with the manager at all times so as soon as I knew when we were leaving, I let her know.  It was sad because I was just starting to get used to all the processes. I worked for another week and a half before we left Alice Springs for the second time.


If I had to work at Subway again, I would.  The other staff members were friendly, the work was great, and the pay was actually quite good.  Plus, I didn’t have to take lunch to work because I have no problem with munching on a Subway sandwich, compared to a greasy burger.


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  1. doug on said:

    well done Juz you helped to pay part of the mechanics bill besides the free lunches

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