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Hi all – Juz here…


When we first got to Darwin, the first job I managed to score was via an agency.  They called me up and asked if I wanted to spend the next day at the Darwin Exhibition Centre setting up for sold out The Dalai Lama event.  I humbly accepted.


I woke up at the crack of dawn, got ready and drove over to the Darwin Waterfront to arrive at about 7am. The rest of the sleepy-eyed casual workers were waiting in the staff room, hugging a mug of coffee.  We were all  issued with a shirt and hi-vis vest and got to work.


The first task was to pack down from the night before.  The huge exhibition room was divided into three, and the centre room had a stage that needed to be taken down.  The dividing panels were pushed aside and stored in the biggest closet I’d ever seen.  Packdown was the best part.  About halfway through the shift, we all got a free lunch.  The table was spread with all sorts of salad fillings – ham, cheese, green salads, asian noodle salads, tomatoes and condiments.  Everyone got a great feed before getting back to work.




Once the hall was clear, we started to set up the chairs for the Dalai Lama’s audience of literally thousands.  This was the worst part.  There was one guy who would check the chairs every 30 minutes or so to see if they weren’t straight enough.  If not, we’d have to go through them again to line them up perfectly.  After working on the chairs for hours, there was a last minute request to add more chairs and move the front row forward.  This didn’t go down well and some temp workers called it a day.


Set Up


At about 4pm, my feet were sore, I was exhausted and I decided to call it a day myself.  I am extremely proud to say that I participated in the set up for The Dalai Lama, even though I didn’t end up going to the event.  The pay was about $20 an hour and it was a welcome addition to the funds to keep us going while we looked for something more long term.


Would I work in events again? YES!


Dalai Lama

The audience of the Dalai Lama



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