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Yo.  Dave here…


As Our Naked Australia is a self-funded project, we knew we would have to stop at some stage during the trip to work and replenish our bank balance.  As it turns out, we got all the way to Darwin before the funds started running dangerously low.


We started job hunting as soon as we rolled into Darwin.  Juz picked up a job at a party hire business in no time, but it took a little longer for me to find a job.  I got a few days of work here and there at Darwin Party Hire, but I kept looking for something steadier and more secure.  I started off looking for bar work, but all the back-packers had snatched up those jobs months before.  I figured I could try for some admin work, but beards are apparently unacceptable in an office environment.


I saw a position advertised online for a Delivery Driver so I called them up straight away.  I went in for an interview and they told me I’d be driving a van doing deliveries and the casual rate would be $22.50 per hour.  I started the next day.


It turned out that by ‘van’, they meant ‘truck’.  I’d driven a truck once before when we moved house. From Thornbury to Reservoir.  Eight kilometres.  Once.


A standard day involves a few people unloading a shipping container of packages onto a conveyor belt.  Then five or more people sort them into the different regions of Darwin.  Each driver then loads up their truck with packages and departs the warehouse to deliver them.  After delivering boxes and satchels all day, I get back to the depot and unload any packages that I’ve picked up.


Initially, I was a bit nervous about driving the truck around.  Actually, to be more precise, I wasn’t nervous about driving forwards, just nervous about reversing.  I got the hang of it within a day or two, and now I’m completely confident in the tightest of places.  I’m half thinking about getting a licence for a bigger truck.


All in all, I enjoy working as a Delivery Driver, even though the pay is a bit low.  The work is physical and it’s busy enough to make the days go quickly.  The other drivers I work with are all cool and we’ve enjoyed a few beers together already.  I now know my way around most of Darwin – and a bunch of short cuts!  Also, the air conditioning in the truck will be an absolute life saver as Darwin’s wet season starts to kick in.


I’m glad I didn’t end up getting a job in an office.  This trip is all about stepping out of the comfort zone and trying new and different things.  This job has definitely been new and different for me and is one that I’m proud to put on my resume.


Truck Driver Beard


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  1. FRANK on said:

    Hello Dave..

    How are you? you two? 🙂 Hope is all fine, even if you start to experiencing tropical weather on these days..:) At least that is what I gather from the evening news..
    But, back to your story..
    Yes.. I was about 21yo when I was sent home from my national service listing .. I was working in my trade as a toolmaker till the day.. Working under supervision within 4 walls and a rutine kind of to do every day! So when they told me to go home and see you next year, I didn’t go back to my trade, but got a job as a truck driver in my city, Budapest..
    Money was very poor… but I was FREE!!! I never new till that point, what freedom meant!! So I enjoyed my new fund life, working away from the boss’s controlling eyes. Loved it..:)
    Than I had my conscription again next year.. This time, they kept me in.. as a 4WD truck driver.. No march, no guarding, no rigid soldier staff… but free from barrack’s rules, being on the road most of the time! Hated to be a soldier.. -being a ‘pacifist’- but this way I was a bit easier. Two years past, and after my national service, I stuck to my driving wheels and become a taxi driver.. How wonderful life that was.. You could become a part-time sociologist, a psychologist, politician.. Working with people, with good money, mostly tips provided me with great life.
    I was free.. That is trucking is all about.. at least it was at that time, all about..!

    So keep enjoying it… and take care!

    Frank 🙂

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