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The Schnitzels

When we left Melbourne, we believed there were two ways to enjoy a schnitzel – plain or with a parmigiana topping.  However, once we crossed the border, our minds were blown and schnitzel horizons expanded as the options for toppings became almost endless.


Onion gravy, creamy garlic sauce, mushroom sauce, pepper sauce, even gluten free gravy, topping options were coming out of our ears, and while SA’s idea of a ‘parmi’ is the tomato sauce with cheese – no ham – it was still tasty.



Another great thing about the schnitzels in SA is the Schnitzel Night at the local pubs.  Pay anywhere between $10 and $15 to score a golden schnitzel with unlimited access to the salad bar.  We’ve had many occasions where we’ve walked out uncomfortably full.


Streaky Bay Hotel Motel 

Middleton Tavern

Edinburgh Hotel


Free Bike Hire

We thought this service was great and allowed us to explore Adelaide in a day!  Adelaide City Bikes, an initiative run by BicycleSA, works towards building a healthier, greener city.  There are heaps of places around Adelaide where you can hire a bike for free, and if you need your bike for more than one day, you can organise a multi-day hire at a small price.



Bicycle SA is the main body that encourages recreational and commuter cycling in South Australia to promote a healthier and more active community.  They are an independent, not-for-profit association that organises biking events, tours, trail rides and free bike hire.  Membership to Bicycle SA has heaps of perks, such as discounts to all BikeSA events, discounts at supporting cycling stores, a subscription to the quarterly Cycle! Magazine, as well as comprehensive personal accident insurance and public liability.  What an awesome association!


Rock formations

South Australia is full of sinkholes and caves, thanks to the limestone that was formed on the ocean floor millions of years ago.  The craters and sinkholes in Mount Gambier were dressed beautifully with floral gardens while the Naracoorte Caves were filled with ancient fossils.  The breathing caves of the Nullarbor that were open for exploration and the eroded caverns along the coast of the Eyre Peninsula – we loved them all.




We had so much contact with animals, whether it was in the wild or captivity.


We always saw kangaroos hopping around in national parks and on the side of the road (dead or alive).  Emus were also common, but mainly in the scrub where they could get some cover.  Those silly bush chooks loved running out onto the road as well.  The dingos we saw on the Nullarbor were special – we had never seen wild ones before, and it was awesome when that goanna crawled through our camp at Mount Remarkable National Park.



The animals in captivity were great to interact with, especially the greedy kangaroos at Urimbirra Wildlife Park and the Big Rocking Horse.  Curious emus pecking out of our hands were great fun and watching big salt water crocodiles gulping down chicken legs was really cool.


Yellow Rolling Hills

The roadside landscape was beautiful.  For most of the way, the view consisted mainly of rolling hills of dry yellow grass dotted with the occasional leafless tree or herd of black cows.  This, in contrast with the blue of the sky, was just beautiful.


Rolling yellow hills


  1. One day I just know South Australia is going to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in OZ! So great you’re spreading the word about this great state!

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