The Importance of Being Hydrated : Part 2

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This is a sequential post from an earlier post.


Water is such an important part of life, especially while travelling and these posts hope to emphasize that and promote appreciation for this valuable commodity.


Easy Access to Water

We have the ability to store 50L of drinking water in big plastic tanks, but dragging those things out of the truck requires serious muscle and effort, so we’re saving those for when we really need them.  We also have a 3 litre bladder that can be positioned behind the seats of the Troopy for easy hydration while driving, but the bladder tends to get a bit fluffy if you leave it alone for too long and cleaning it can be such a hassle!


To solve this problem of having easy access to water, we are using refillable goon bags.  In the water isle of the supermarket are 10L goons of water, and they cost anywhere between $3-$8, which is pretty good for 10 litres of drinkable water.  The great thing about these goons is that you can pull the spout off and refill them, and the spout makes it easy to refill water bottles and add water when cooking.



Potable water

When refilling your goon bag or water bottle, make sure you fill it with water that is safe to drink.  If you are unsure about the water that comes out of the tap, ask a local.  Otherwise, look for a potable water sign.  You can find these next to dump points, which is kinda gross, but you can only assume that our infrastructure and plumbing has made advancements since the 1854 Broad Street Cholera Outbreak in London… ew!


Cool Water

Driving around in the heat can be exhausting and a refreshingly cold gulp of water can easily breathe life back into the sweatiest of men, but what if you don’t have any room in your fridge or eski to keep a bottle of water cool?


If you’re camping next to a river or beach, fill a bucket with some fresh cool water and stick your bottles into that.  Water loses heat very quickly and adapts to outside temperatures, so as long as the water from the river is colder than the water that’s been sitting in the car all day, you’re winning.  Make sure you keep your water out of the sun, otherwise it’ll heat up faster than baby in a Barina on a hot day.


Another option is to walk into an information centre or service station and politely ask if there was anywhere you could fill your water bottle.  If the quality of the water in the area is generally bad, the local may take pity on you and offer to refill your bottle with cool, filtered water from their staff quarters.  Victory…


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  1. Dad on said:

    Wow .. that was a big leap!! Did you drive all night..? or just flew?
    About making drinkable water, you forgot the boiled water… and let it cool. Anyway, it seems that you guys are just fine with water .. Another plus for you!!! 🙂
    It seems, that you guys are approching croky-territory!! Watch out for them.. they could smell your fress water..:) and yummy human flesh!!
    Don’t be a Wally with … crokies!! 🙂

    Ciao tutti


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