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Central West 2015-07-18 040w

2015 Troopcarriers of Australia Winter Ramble

December 21st 2015

  We’re so proud that we decided to buy a Toyota Troopcarrier for our trip around Australia.  It’s taken us to some really amazing places around the country and it still amazes us with some of the things it’s capable …

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Central West 2015-07-17 168w

Wildlife : Taronga Western Plains Zoo

December 17th 2015

  Taronga Western Plains Zoo is located in Dubbo and features a beautiful range of animals, including many native to Africa.  You might wonder whether the climate in Dubbo is the same to that in Africa, and we certainly wondered …

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Central West 2015-07-17 300w

Explore : The Central West

December 14th 2015

  The Central West region in New South Wales is the area west of the Blue Mountains and includes Young in the south, Dunedoo in the north and Parkes in the West.  It’s a wet region that’s high in elevation …

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Blue Mountains 2015-07-13 041w

Explore : The Blue Mountains

December 10th 2015

  The Blue Mountains are about 50km west of Sydney and form a part of the Great Dividing Range. They get their name from a blue haze caused by the sunlight mixing with tiny droplets of oil that are released …

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Blue Mountains 2015-07-13 061w

Blue Mountains YHA

December 7th 2015

  One of our favourite YHA hostels in Australia, the Blue Mountains YHA is within a restored National Trust building with a beautiful art deco interior.  It was built in 1918 as a guesthouse called Homesdale, but during the 1920s …

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$100 front

$100 Day : Sydney

December 4th 2015

  Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, so this $100 Day was epic.  So epic that you might have to split it into a few days to make sure you can get the most out it!   We’d like …

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City Profile : Sydney

November 30th 2015

  Sydney is big, beautiful, colourful, and exhausting.  We spent several days in the city, walking around and trying to see as much as possible, but we still didn’t see everything.  We’d always run out of steam and head back …

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Sydney 2015-07-20 069w

Eating Out : Great places for a bite in Sydney

November 27th 2015

  We were spoilt for choice when it came to food. There are so many cafes, pubs, restaurants and eateries – more than we had ever seen on our travels – so we aimed for either the best or the …

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Bridgeclimb 2015-07-20 010

Attraction : BridgeClimb Sydney

November 23rd 2015

  Mankind asserts its dominance over the earth in three ways – building things, destroying things, and climbing things.  Like Mount Everest and the Great Wall of China, Sydney offers the brilliant experience of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  The …

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Sydney 2015-07-20 120w

Sydney Harbour YHA

November 19th 2015

  Sydney Harbour YHA is not your ordinary YHA.  It’s a new purpose-built hostel with state of the art facilities that’s located within the historic Rocks precinct of Sydney.  It boasts incredible views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour …

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Sydney 2015-07-06 025w

Drink : Breweries in Sydney

November 16th 2015

  We went to five breweries while we were in Sydney, only missing out on visiting the Lord Nelson Brewery on the Rocks.  Still, we think we got a really good picture of how clever and crafty you can get …

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Sydney 2015-07-09 489w

Fun : Sydney’s Luna Park

November 11th 2015

  Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, Luna Park has something for everyone. The moment you walk through the mouth of the enormous smiling face, you enter a lively atmosphere full of colour and fun.     …

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Sydney 2015-07-07 008w

Glebe Point YHA, Sydney NSW

November 9th 2015

  Our first night in Sydney was spent at Glebe Point YHA, a relaxed hostel in Sydney’s inner city area. With public transport nearby, it’s just minutes from the city centre and there’s plenty to do within walking distance, like restaurants …

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