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Fremantle street art

City Profile : Fremantle

April 10th 2013

We hit Fremantle before checking out the Perth CBD for a few reasons.  A – we were staying only 6km away, B – we weren’t ready to brave the innards of the city just yet, and C – we heard …

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Juz rocking out on the didgeridoo... - Didgeridoo Breath

Experience : Digeridoo Breath

April 9th 2013

As a bit of a surprise, Dave took Juz into Fremantle and guided her to Didgeridoo Breath.  Born from a market stall in 2002, this welcoming place is not just about the didgeridoos – it’s about community.  It has been molded by …

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Phong Vinh

Eating Out : Phong Vinh Vietnamese & Chinese Noodle House, Perth WA

April 8th 2013

After a slightly disappointing experience at Mama Tran in the city, we soon realised that there was something going on with the Vietnamese cuisine image.  While you had your typical Vietnamese place with the bad service, old 90s décor and …

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Juz and Dave are super happy to be next to Elsie

Experience : Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle

April 6th 2013

Little Creatures was established in 2000 by the same guys who ran Matilda Bay Brewery.  The name was inspired by the album of the same name by Talking Heads, and refers to the yeast that turns the sugars in the …

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Alfred's Kitchen

Eating Out : Alfred’s Kitchen, Guildford WA

April 3rd 2013

There is a special place in every night owl’s heart for a food outlet that is open until the early hours of the morning.  Back at home, ours was a food truck called Haci’s Kebabs on the corner of Bell …

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The view from Flinders Street

Hiatus in Melbourne 2013

April 2nd 2013

It was planned months before we left Melbourne that Juz would fly back to Melbourne to be a bridesmaid our mate’s wedding in March.  It wasn’t planned that Dave would come too until Juz’s mum offered to sort out his …

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Sebnet Wedding - image taken by Monin Sak

Operation Bridesmaid : The Wedding

March 29th 2013

So – after almost three months of trying to keep it together, it wasn’t until the final month that things got serious.  After the heavy blow on Labour Day, drastic measures were taken to shrink as quickly as possible.  Here …

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Photography : Busselton to Bunbury

March 28th 2013

We met up with photographer Kieran Stone and after two days exploring the Margaret River Food and Wine Region, we headed up along the coast towards Perth. Here are a few shots that he took while on the road with …

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Margaret River

Photography : Margaret River

March 26th 2013

We met up with photographer Kieran Stone and spent two days exploring the Margaret River Food and Wine Region.  Here are a few shots that he took while on the road with Our Naked Australia!     Kieran has just …

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Operation Bridesmaid : The Last Stand

March 24th 2013

Hi everyone – Juz here…   Something devastating happened on Labour Day in Perth.   I was strolling around in a major shopping centre when I decided to go into David Jones and try on a Zimmerman dress – the …

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Araluen Botanic Gardens

Experience : The South of Perth

March 24th 2013

We were down south twice – once on the way up from Margaret River with our mates, Kieran and Maria, and again a few weeks later to check out some more places.  On the way up, we stayed at Frank …

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ONA on The TODAY Show!!!

March 21st 2013

If you missed it this morning – Juz and Dave from Our Naked Australia were interviewed by Channel Nine’s The TODAY Show panel over that hilarious ‘Camel’ photo currently taking the world by storm!!! Watch it here…   The TODAY …

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Free WASO Concert in Manning Park

Experience : Western Australia Symphony Orchestra (WASO)

March 19th 2013

What?  WASO is doing a free concert in Manning Park while we’re in Perth?  SCORE!  Juz found out about the concert while doing research on the orchestra and thought it would be a great idea to keep it from Dave …

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