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Hobart 2016-02-29 011w

Food & Wine : Hobart & Surrounds

April 7th 2016

  Tassie has an abundance of local food, wine, beer and whisky, we tried our best to visit as many as we could! There are a few places located in a the heart of Hobart, but there is also the Coal River Valley …

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East Coast Tasmania 2016-02-23 013w

Explore : East Coast Tasmania

April 4th 2016

  Our adventure down the east coast of Tasmania started at the Bay of Fires, just 10km north of St Helens and finished at Port Arthur.   The coastline is just incredible when the sun is out. There are plenty …

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East Coast Tasmania 2016-02-25 020w

Drink : East Coast Tasmania

April 1st 2016

  There isn’t a lot down the east coast other than beautiful coastline but there are a few places to sample a drink. We highly recommend the Ironhouse Point Centre and Gala Estate. Both are wonderful locations with a great …

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Port Arthur 2016-02-25 115w

History : Port Arthur

March 28th 2016

  Port Arthur is a small town and former convict settlement located on the Tasman Peninsula. It is a location drenched in grim history and is Tasmania’s post popular tourist attractions.   History Established in 1830, Port Arthur started off as …

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Launceston 2016-02-22 096w

City Profile : Launceston

March 24th 2016

Launceston is the second largest city in Tasmania and the 3rd oldest city in Australia, but it still has a lot of firsts – such as being the first Australian city to have underground sewers and be lit by hydroelectricity. …

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Tamar Valley 2016-02-23 075w

Tour : Seahorse World

March 20th 2016

  If you’re looking for something to do that is unique and a little left of centre, then visit Seahorse World. Located on Inspection Head Wharf at Beauty Point along the Tamar River, Seahorse World offers an experience like no …

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March 19th 2016

  Today is Earth Hour – a worldwide movement that symbolises a commitment to protect our planet. It brings awareness to environmental issues and the challenges we face to create a sustainable world.  Our commitment to the Earth extends beyond …

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Tamar Valley 2016-02-23 221w

Drink : The Tamar River Valley

March 18th 2016

The Tamar River Valley runs from Launceston to the Bass Strait and is dotted with vineyards, wineries, orchards, farms and maritime motifs. We wish we had more time in the Tamar Valley – it was a great introduction to Tasmanian …

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Launceston 2016-02-22 141w

Tour : Boag’s Brewery

March 15th 2016

A visit to Launceston wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Boag’s Brewery.   We pulled into the Boag’s Centre for Beer Lovers and were immediately fascinated by the beautiful Georgian building. Located across the road from the brewery, …

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Flavour Trail 2016-02-21 018w - Copy

Flavour Trail : Between Devonport and Launceston

March 13th 2016

  The drive from Devonport to Launceston is a tasty trip – make sure you stop at every location to get a true feel of the local produce of the region. Each place is worth a visit, and there is …

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Devonport 2016-02-21 024w

Touchdown : Devonport & Latrobe

March 11th 2016

We rolled off the Spirit of Tasmania and has a very brief stop in Devonport for coffee and breakfast before continuing on to more exciting ventures.   Devonport Devonport is a simple city of just over 25,000 people. It started …

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Spirit of Tasmania 2016-03-06 012w

Travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania

March 9th 2016

There are two ways to get to Tasmania – by plane or by boat. Because we wouldn’t feel complete without taking the Troopy, and having portable accommodation is always handy, we decided to take the Spirit of Tasmania and bring …

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Show Us Your Pics of Tassie WINNERS!

March 7th 2016

After two short weeks of touring around our little island state, we’re back in Melbourne again. We had a great time in Tassie, soaking up the beautiful landscape, tasting all the yummy local produce, and meeting all the friendly wildlife.   Stay tuned for our posts …

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