Big Things : The Big Camera, Meckering

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Located about 133km east of Perth, the Big Camera is a museum of photography and has a huge range of cameras and video recorders.  The guy who runs the place is super friendly and has even put up a place where you can prop your camera and set the timer so you can be in a picture next to the Big Camera.


The Big Camera



This little town was flattened by an earthquake in 1968 that lasted 40 seconds and measured 6.9 on the Richter Scale.  It destroyed buildings, the railway line, infrastructure, and major roads.  Miraculously, no one was killed, and we got to hear about the amazing story of the Salisbury ruins.  When the earthquake hit, the family’s 17 month old baby Debbie was sleeping in the lounge room and after the house collapsed, the baby was found completely unharmed and still asleep!  The guy at the Big Camera has a picture of the family about 20 years later and Debbie grew up to be quite a babe!



We stayed overnight in Meckering by the rosy Memorial Park, which to Juz’s terror was more like Jumanji Park because of the enormous webs that were built by hideous looking spiders.  Juz was strolling around the park and when she realised she was surrounded, she bolted back to the Troopy.  Later in the evening, we watched as a spider caught dozens of flies in its beautiful web, crawling out to investigate before bunjeeing back to the centre.  It was really fascinating.



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  2. Annie on said:

    The Big Camera? Is there nothing in Australia that we don’t turn into a BIG thing!!! If you didn’t have a photo of this place, I wouldn’t have believed you.

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