The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo NT

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The Big Boxing Crocodile



Located just outside the United fuel station on the Arnhem Highway, the Big Boxing Crocodile stands 6 meters tall and makes reference to the crocodile population of Darwin and the surrounding area.


It was supplied by a guy called Ray Park, who made it to celebrate Australia winning the America’s Cup in 1983.  It took 14 weeks to build, 2 weeks to paint and install, and has since helped out by attracting tourism to the area.  These days, it’s almost shrouded in vegetation, but the red mitts and gaping mouth full of teeth are still visible from the highway.


A big thanks to Ray for contacting us and giving us more information about the Big Boxing Crocodile.


2 thoughts on The Big Boxing Crocodile, Humpty Doo NT

  1. Ray Park on said:

    Hi just read your blog about the Big Croc and thought you may like to know the truth. It was built in 1988 in Sydney at a place called The Sydney Prop Center ot took 14 weeks to build and 2 weeks to install and paint its really only 6 mts tsll and it cost $120.000.00
    How do l know this you ask ? Thats easy l built it . Thanks for listening

    • juz on said:

      Hi Ray! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and give us a bit more information about the Big Boxing Crocodile.
      Our Naked Australia

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