The Beard : Introduction

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As you may have noticed, I have a beard.


Dave & Camel compare facial hair


I’ve always had some sort of facial hair – usually a goatee – but I decided that I’d grow it all while we’re travelling.  I figure it’s the best opportunity to do so because I don’t have to worry too much about looking ‘professional’ while on the road.  The idea was to start growing it the day we left for the trip but I got a bit excited and started in September after I’d given notice at work.


The intention is to see how long it will grow by the time we get back to Melbourne.  It is currently 8cm long (from the bottom of my chin) and 7 months old.  It has shades of auburn with a blonde moustache and racing stripe down the chin from the bottom lip.  Juz reckons there’s also some stringy grey hairs too.


Reactions from Strangers

Almost all compliments come from other guys.  I’ve had comments like “Awesome beard, man!”, “May I just say, you have a fine beard sir” and “I wish I could grow a beard…”


Girls in the street usually screw up their faces, especially after they’ve seen that I’m not wearing shoes.  I probably look like some sort of creepy hobo, but I say it’s hobo-chic.



Why am I growing it?

Our Naked Australia is about the true, raw nature of our country and getting as close to it as we can.  I think the beard represents that same raw nature in man. So many Australian icons and characters have rocked a beard – Ned Kelly, Malcolm Douglas, The Beards, and Don Burke (hehehe).  They all had or have awesome beards.


What has it been like growing the beard?

Not getting food in the beard has been the most challenge exercise. I used to get all sorts of food stuck in my beard – yoghurt, porridge, egg yolk, bread crumbs and sauce.  I’ve gotten much better at stopping this.  First, I had to trim my moustache so that it wouldn’t curl into my mouth while I ate.  This also has had a positive impact on kissing because Juz doesn’t end up with a mouthful of moustache.


I’ve also learnt to take smaller bites, because a big bite usually leads to food in the hair on the sides of my mouth.  Using cutlery has become a precision art.  If I’m drinking something and I miss my mouth, the liquid drizzles down my chin into the beard forest.


Does Juz like it?


2 thoughts on The Beard : Introduction

  1. pettteeerrrr on said:

    hey guys ,

    where are you and where are you heading, so i can check if some cool camping places ahead, enjoy

  2. Dougie on said:

    Dave don’t worry what the media says as the beard does suit you & as long as Juz is happy

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