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Big Things : The Big Crocodile, Wyndham WA

The Big Crocodile


The Big Crocodile in Wyndham was built in 1987 by the kids of the community to remind locals and visitors to be aware of crocodiles in the surrounding waters.  The crocodile is 20 metres long and is made from 5.5km of steel rod, 50kg of welding rods, 10 rolls of chicken wire and 5 cubic metres of concrete.


The Big Crocodile


About Wyndham

This small, sleepy place is the oldest town in the area, and is considered to be the Top Town of the West.  It used to be a little port that was used to export cattle to Perth and overseas, but with the state’s first gold rush in 1886, Wyndham became an established town.  The meatworks became the major industry but has since closed down, so these days Wyndham survives mainly on tourism.


Our day in Wyndham started at Maggie Creek, a rest area about 30km out of town.  We woke up before dawn and hooned up the highway to get to the Five Rivers Lookout on top of the Bastion before sunrise.  We made it in time, and watched the sky turn pink, the fishing boats leave the wharf and the smoke rise from controlled fires scattered across the countryside.



At about 9am, we rolled back down the mountain into town and sussed out the supermarket and petrol station.  While the prices inside the supermarket were a bit steep, diesel was a bargain so we took on just enough to get us down to the Bungle Bungles and back to Kununurra.


We headed north to the wharf and walked along Anthon’s Landing with the hope that we’d see a croc but we didn’t.  Back in town, we visited the eerie Dreamtime Statues, which are larger than life sculptures made of bronze.  Sadly, they were vandalised with red spray paint, but Juz let herself be cradled by the scary blood-face Dreamtime statue.