Sauna Time

Juz’s 30th Birthday

Hey everyone – Juz here.
I had an amazing 30th birthday.  We threw a debaucherous Friday night party fueled by wine, BBQ and giggles in the pool.



After Saturday in recovery, I woke up on Sunday morning next to Dave and a phone full of notifications and texts from friends and family.  We spent the morning tidying up the house and doing washing before heading to the markets for coffee and some breakfast pho (breakpho).  On the way home, Dave surprised me with a stop at a Greek bakery called Sweet Tooth and we indulged in a Baileys Ball and kataifi – YUM!



When we got home, we had some sauna time before getting into the pool and cracking open a gift bottle of Passion Pop.  After an hour or so of lazing about the house, we went to the Beachfront Hotel for drinks with mates and then Dave whisked me away to my secret dinner.



The destination was in Cullen Bay and we dawdled up and down Marina Boulevard and along the beachfront until it was time for the reservation.  He led me down an alleyway that opened to the marina before revealing that we were to dine at Yots Greek Taverna!


It was all very special.  We had a table right next to the water and watched the buildings turn gold in the sunset.  The atmosphere was soaked with romance, the music was Greek folk and there was a moment there where I thought I was in Santorini.


Yots Greek Taverna


I got a glass of Pinot Noir while Dave ordered a Mythos and it wasn’t long before we were ready to order.  Dave chose the Greco Barramundi while I went with the Moussaka and we got a saganaki to share.


The saganaki came out first, still sizzling on the plate.  There was a spoonful of chickpeas in a tomato sauce, which initially seemed odd but paired with the salty cheese perfectly.  The saganaki itself was perfection – full of flavour, crusty on the outside and soft on the inside – but seriously, even bad saganaki is good.  A wedge of lemon did come with the dish but it was no match for the cheese.


Dave’s Greco Barramundi fillet was tender and soft without any off-putting fishiness.  It was topped with a creamy caper sauce that was mild yet slightly tangy and served with a side of zingy lemon potatoes and wilted spinach.


My Moussaka was a hit – spiced mince under a layer of luscious béchamel and crusty cheese, served in a terracotta dish.  Pure comfort, and the nutmeg in the cheese sauce was just brilliant.



The table service we received for the night is also worth mentioning.  We were impressed by their impeccable timing in reading out the specials, offering us drinks, bringing our meals out and clearing the table.  They were attentive, professional and polite, without interrupting us once!

YOTS Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon

On the way home, we stopped at the supermarket for some peanut butter chocolate ripple ice cream and ate it out of the container while we watched a few episodes of United States of Tara.




Thank you Dave for a choc-a-block super fun day and a wonderful, romantic evening – love you lots!  I hope that on the 19th, your birthday will be just as good while we’re partying in Port Douglas with our family and friends.




P.S. thank you to everyone who sent their birthday wishes – you guys are awesome =D



New Years Eve in Port Elliot

The Night Before NYE

Juz cooked an experimental Bolognese sauce with Jim’s Jerky biltong and served it with sweet potato noodles, which resembled the tentacles of jelly fish.  We sat at one of the tables on the deck, beside two Germans.  They were curious about our dinner so we sparked up some conversation.  Eventually, more people joined our table and a posse was established.


We figured this would be a great opportunity to prime ourselves for New Years Eve.  Because we had been going to bed before 10pm, it was important to stay awake so that we could last at least until midnight on New Years Eve.



As the sun went down, so did the drinks and the Trivial Pursuit question cards came out for some quizzical fun.  Juz was feeling the strain so she changed beverage from red wine to vodka, before moving along to white wine, while Dave maintained the beer trend until the very end.



New Years Eve

After a difficult morning and frustrating day with the Troopy, we had a nacho dinner with the leftover Jerky Bolognese before starting on the piss.  Dave was back on the beer while Juz worked on some vodka mojitos.


An evolution of the previous night’s posse were on the deck so we joined them for new years festivities.  When the sun set, we headed to Greens Bay, set up a fire, played guitar and got to know each other as the hours whizzed past.



Before we knew it, fireworks were being set off all around us, so we ran up onto the rocks to get a panoramic view of Encounter Bay and the light show at the distant Victor Harbor.



New Years Day

Urgh… another difficult morning.  We slept in as long as possible before we had to get up and help out with the post-NYE clean up.  As soon as the last dish was dried and put away, we headed to Lady Bay for some sand, surf and snorkelling.


Dave & Juz at Ladies Bay



We’d like to wish all of our family and friends a very Happy New Year.  We hope that you all had a safe and celebratory night and all the success and joy you want for 2013.


To the posse we hung out with on New Years Eve – Andrew and Rebecca, Tanya and Josh, Doug and Yuri, Darragh and Simon, Laura and Tracy – you guys are awesome!  Also Tim and Sebastian the Germans, and Penny and Cara.  We hope you guys had a fantastic night.