$100 Day

$100 Day : Perth

$100 Day


Perth is such a beautiful city and we were determined to experience as much as we could during our $100 Day.  The original plan involved catching the train in, but due to the Kwinana Freeway widening project, the entrance to the carpark for Bull Creek Station was closed and we were sent on a deceitful detour to NOWHERE.  After a few laps of the ‘burbs, we decided to drive in and figured that the money we would have spent on public transport can be contributed to petrol.


We drove into the city and started with Northbridge before heading into the concrete jungle…


1. Parking in Northbridge


2. Walk around Northbridge and Perth Cultural Centre


3. Visit the WA Museum


4. Drive to Kings Park and explore the gardens


5. Catch a CAT bus into the CBD


6. Lunch at Mama Tran


7. Window shopping at the Perth Malls


8. Two lattes from Standing Room Only


9. A bienenstich from Miss Maud’s Pastry Shop


10. A pint of Swan Draught at the Grosvenor Hotel


11. Two tickets to the Perth Mint tour


12. Check out the Bell Tower


13. Catch the CAT bus back to Troopy





As you can see, we spent less than $100 and had an awesome time exploring the city.  When we got to Northbridge, we found a limited parking spot and figured we could walk around within the allotted timeframe.  If we wanted to experience Northbridge properly, the best time to come back would be in the evening anyway.


The Red CAT bus service into the city from Ord Street was clean, air conditioned and punctual!  By the time we got into the CBD we were famished and Juz’s heart was set on pho.  We found Mama Tran but it didn’t meet her standards, even though it was tasty.  The assembly line style service didn’t appeal and Dave’s serving of pork with rice was very small and unsatisfying.  This would never happen at Pho Hung in Preston VIC.



We made our way over to the eastern end of the city via the Perth Malls and got a coffee from the highly recommended Standing Room Only.  It was another small shop that is designed to pump out take away coffees for busy city livers/workers.  Dave spoilt himself to a sweet treat at the pasty house in Miss Maud’s Swedish Hotel and a pint at the pub before we went on the Perth Mint Tour – the most expensive thing of the day.


For a full city profile on Perth, go here…


Phong Vinh

Eating Out : Phong Vinh Vietnamese & Chinese Noodle House, Perth WA

After a slightly disappointing experience at Mama Tran in the city, we soon realised that there was something going on with the Vietnamese cuisine image.  While you had your typical Vietnamese place with the bad service, old 90s décor and fluoro chopsticks, new outlets were opening up around the city with fancy pants service, stylish new décor and trendy names like iPho and What the Pho?.  Good on them for trying to modernise and funkify Vietnamese cuisine, but we still think the good, old fashioned way is best – neon lights, clashing colours, and terrible background music featuring covers from Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.



We were meeting up with an old Melbourne drinking buddy and his girlfriend.  After a brief catch up, the waitress was over with a notepad to take our orders.  The menu had numbers and lots of pictures to make ordering extra easy.


The wait wasn’t long at all.  First up were fried wontons with a creamy mayonnaise sauce and pork spring rolls with a light dipping sauce.  Juz reckons the yummy wonton skins might have had curry powder in them, while the pork spring rolls were full of stuffing, fresh and delicious.


Juz got the beef pho and it was satisfactory.  The cloudy broth was dominated by flavours of cinnamon and cloves and had a thin slick of oil on the top.  It was deliciously flavoursome and went well with the fresh mint leaves that were provided with the green chilli, lemon and bean sprouts. The noodles were a little too soft to be al dente but were still silky and scrumptious.  Dave’s choice was an egg noodle soup with a side of grilled pork.  Dave thought the grilled pork was amazing and completely overshadowed the Chinese egg noodle soup.



At the end, we ordered a three colour drink and ice cream with sticky taro rice to share.  The three colour drink was cool and refreshing, with sweet coconut poured over jelly pieces, red kidney beans and split mung beans – YUM!  The sticky taro rice that came with the ice cream was sticky and sweet and reminded Juz of pudding.


We walked out of Phong Vinh fully satisfied and still with a bit of money to go to the pub and grab a beer.  You can always count on a traditional Vietnamese restaurant to give you a good feed for your dollar.



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