The Victoria Fossil Cave findings

Top 5 Things on the Limestone Coast

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When you get there you’ll know, because most of the roads and houses on the Limestone Coast are a creamy white colour.  The limestone was formed by the accumulation of various deposits of marine life and shells over millions of years when the area was under the ocean.  About a million years ago, the sea retreated and allowed nature to take its course to create sinkholes, caves, salt lakes, and pockets of beautifully fertile red soil that is renowned for producing great wine and agriculture.


It took us about two weeks to complete the limestone coast from Nelson in Victoria to the mouth of the Murray River, and while we saw many things, here are our top five favourite destinations in this beautiful region of South Australia.



The Princess Rose Margaret Cave and Naracoorte Caves

These caves were both formed from limestone and exhibit excellent crystal formations that have developed over hundreds and thousands of years.



The Princess Rose Margaret Cave is a small gem with a fantastic story behind it, while the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves are historically significant as they contain fossils dating back to almost half a million years ago.


Coonawarra Wine Region

What’s not to love!?  This famous wine region is soaked in history and is considered to produce the best cabernet sauvignons in the country.  We recommend the small, boutique cellar doors instead of the big names.



Mount Gambier & the Blue Lake

Unlike the tap water, Mount Gambier does not leave a bad taste in your mouth.  The town is easy to navigate, has a great selection of pubs to tickle all fancies, and it is home to the beautiful Blue Lake.



Beachport & Post Office Rock

We weren’t expecting much of Beachport but it ended up being one of our favourite places on the Limestone Coast.  Go for a stroll on South Australia’s second longest jetty and explore beautiful Post Office Rock before having a refreshing dip in the Pool of Siloam, a salt lake that is seven times saltier than the sea.



Robe & the Mahalia Coffee Tour

There is an air of hospitality in Robe, with the main street lined with pubs, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants.  We ended up trying much of the fare and were thoroughly impressed with the goods – great coffee at Union Café, supplied by Mahalia Coffee, delicious pizza topped with fresh ingredients at VicStreetPIZZA, and a succulent ‘parmi’ at the Caledonian Inn.



We had a great time at the Mahalia Coffee Roasting House with a tour through the roasting house and a great chat with Mahalia that exposed her love and passion for coffee and providing a great product.