Beer in Brisbane

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The biggest beer producer in Brisbane is the XXXX Brewery, but there are plenty of little microbreweries around town.  We did our best to taste what Queensland’s capital had to offer.


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The Brewhouse

The Brewhouse is a corner pub that does typical pub meals and has a casual atmosphere.  They pour a variety of beers, but what we were interested in were brews from the Brisbane Brewing Company.  Their beers not only have their alcohol percentage listed, but also their IBU (International Bittering Unit), which immediately gave us the impression that they love using hops.


Juz’s favourites were the beers with the lowest IBU – the Brisbane Pale Ale was sweet and fruity, with plenty of passionfruit and a bit of citrus and hops at the end, while the Saisson 88 Farmhouse Ale was pleasantly sweet with minimal hops but plenty of thick malt flavours and a hint of sourness.


Dave was hot on the more bitter beers, such as the US Amber Ale, with initial sweetness and a developing hoppy bitterness and roasted malt flavours.  Not being a huge IPA fan, he was surprised to find the Walker Texas Ranger American IPA really nice as well, believing that the American slant made the IPA more palatable.




They offer tasting paddles for $15, but if you really love a particular beer, you can opt for a takeaway squealer or growler, or you can enrol at Brewniveristy and do a quick course on brewology.


The Charming Squire

This popular drinking hole is on Grey Street near South Bank and is sleek, trendy and modern.  We were there just in time for Friday drinks so it was busy with people who were celebrating the end of another week of work.  There is a small stage for live music, vats and beer kegs on display and high ceilings in a minimalist hall.  There is also an adjacent restaurant and smaller outlet called the Brewer’s Pantry that does breakfasts, share plates and pizza.




While we could have gotten a tasting paddle of four beers for $12, we know that we like James Squires beers and ordered a big glass of our favourites.  Juz went with the Sundown Australian Lager – crisp and light beer that’s easy to drink with minimal hops.  Dave went for something a little stronger, and darker – Jack of Spades Porter is almost black with coffee and chocolate flavours.


The Green Beacon

The Green Beacon Brewery is located in a warehouse on a quiet street in Teneriffe.  The cavernous hall has shiny tanks displayed behind the bar, with an assortment of seating.  They don’t have a kitchen; instead they have a timetable of food trucks that visit the brewery every night of the week, making for a great symbiotic relationship.


While they don’t have tasting paddles, you can sample a few of the beers on tap.  We had sip of a few beers and Dave settled on their fruity Porter with creamy dark chocolate flavours.


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The Newstead

Just around the corner from the Green Beacon is the Newstead, another brewery that pulls beers out of a warehouse-like establishment. Unlike the Green Beacon, they have their own kitchen that dishes out a variety of share plates and meals.


We got a tasting paddle of four beers for $12 – Juz went with the lighter beers with less hops while Dave went with the darker brews with plenty of flavour.  His favourite was the 21 Feet 7 Inches Porter, creamy and rich with coffee and chocolate, while Juz enjoyed the 3 Quarter Time Session Ale, a light beer with a sweet passionfruit smell and light crisp taste.




What was most enjoyable was the awesome soundtrack.  We didn’t want to leave because after one awesome song would finish, another would start.


Four Hearts Brewing

Located in Ipswich, about 40 minutes from Brisbane, Four Hearts Brewing Pumpyard Bar and Brewery is a trendy venue with a minimalist industrial interior, warm lighting and a funky steam punk feel.  The old heritage listed building was built in 1910 on the original site that supplied water to the city, and was previously used as a technical school.   We were absolutely stoked to stumble across this gem.  It’s one of those places that you can spend the afternoon, drinking great beer beside the shiny brewing tanks, and even take home a stainless steel growler full of your favourite brew.




We tasted the whole range of beers before deciding on our favourites.  As usual, Juz enjoyed the mid strength Longshot Session Ale because of the sweet fruit flavours and clean crisp taste, while Dave loved the Pale Ale with the hoppy build up, passionfruit flavours and a dry grapefruit and malty aftertaste.


But our real favourite was the seasonal Coffee Cream Ale.  This limited edition brew is a combination of Toby’s Estate cold drip coffee with crisp, clean ale.  Essentially, it’s caffeinated beer and needless to say, after a few schooners, you have quite a buzz.


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City Profile : Brisbane

Brisbane 2015-06-08 140w


Brisbane is the biggest city we have visited on our lap – it’s Australia’s third most populous city, behind Melbourne and Sydney.  Nicknamed Bris-Vegas because of its cosmopolitan lifestyle, Brisbane is a city full of pretty churches, crazy drivers, American inspired eateries and hills – all providing a great view of the CBD.


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Fast Facts

  • When the Brisbane City Hall opened in 1930, it was the city’s tallest building.
  • The Story Bridge opened in 1940 and is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia.
  • To remove the stigma of being a big country town, Brisbane’s infrastructure was redeveloped and a tram system was installed in the CBD and inner suburbs. This was a popular mode of transport until 1969 when the network was closed.  The tram system has since reopened and runs from Southport to Broadbeach..
  • Brisbane’s economy benefits from the tourism of the Sunshine Coast in the north and the Gold Coast in the south.


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The CBD sits in the original settlement that was established along the Brisbane River, east of the Great Dividing Range, and was named after the Governor of New South Wales from 1821 to 1825, Sir Thomas Brisbane.


The first European settlement in the area was a penal colony at Redcliffe, about 28km to the north, but free settlers were allowed in the area from 1842.  Once Queensland was separated from New South Wales in 1859, Brisbane was declared the capital of the state, but it didn’t earn the status of a city until 1902.  During the 20th century, Brisbane underwent massive growth, amalgamating with over twenty other small towns in the area to become the City of Brisbane in 1925.


Brisbane City


Points of Interest


There is plenty to see in the city.  Explore the streets, gape at the high-rise buildings, duck into an alleyway café or find as many sculptures as you can.  City Hall in King George Square is magnificent, and Anzac Square War Memorial is a great place to take your lunch.  On the northern side of town is St John’s Cathedral, the mother church of the diocese of Brisbane.  The church was built in three stages, with the foundation stone laid in 1901 and the final stage completed in 2009.


Brisbane CBD


South Bank

On the other side of the river is the South Bank Parklands, complete with an inland manmade beach called Streets Beach, and the Arch of Flowers.  Nearby is the Queensland Museum and Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).  Both are open daily and the entry is free, but if you want to see a special exhibition, you may have to purchase a ticket.


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On the southern end of the Parklands is the Goodwill Bridge and Wartime Museum.  If you don’t want to pay to enter the museum, you can see enough from the bridge, which spans the Brisbane River to the City Botanical Gardens on the other side.


South Bank is a popular spot for festivals and events.  While we were in Brisbane, we saw the annual Lantern Parade, which celebrates multiculturalism, and attended the Lifeline Bookfest at the Convention Centre.  If you’re peckish, there are plenty of eateries and bars along Grey Street.




XXXX Brewery

Located on Milton Road, the XXXX Brewery might not seem like much but it’s a must visit destination in Brisbane.  Inside is a bar that serves the best burgers in Queensland and the tours through the brewery are fantastic.  Check out our post here.


Mount Coot-tha & Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Meaning place of honey, Mount Coot-tha is 287 metres above sea level and is the highest peak in Brisbane, offering amazing unobstructed views of the city.  Whether you go there at sunrise, sunset or in the middle of the day, it’s a popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike, and the nearby Summit Restaurant is perfect for functions or lunch.


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A little way down the mountain is the Brisbane Botanical Gardens.  It’s certainly worth a visit, as there is an excellent selection of plants, as well as a Japanese garden, bonsai house and an impressive tropical display dome.


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Brisbane is mad for markets, and there are plenty around town to suit everyone.  The West End Markets on Saturday morning and the Eagle Farm Markets on Sunday morning are very similar –both have live music, clothing stalls, a wide variety of food stands, and fresh fruit and veggies.  The West End Markets are free to visit, but the Eagle Farm Markets are bigger and will cost you $2 to get in.  We had an awesome breakfast at the Eagle Farm Markets – an omelette with the lot for $9 and Hungarian lángos with additional bacon for $10 filled us up until the afternoon.


Brisbane Markets


The Eat Street Markets on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons, are a foodies dream.  It’s a funky market at Hamilton Wharf with around 60 shipping containers that have been reconfigured as food outlets.  There’s plenty of choice and many international cuisines are represented.  It also costs $2 to get in, but with live music and great views of the city at sunset, it’s worth the visit.  Our highlight was the Snickers cruffin – a muffin shaped croissant filled with caramel and topped with chocolate and peanuts – YUM!


Brisbane 2015-06-06 015w


Closer to town is the Collective Markets on South Bank.  While it’s nowhere near as big as Eagle Farm or Eat Street, there is a fudge stall there that makes the best jam donut fudge we have ever tasted.


Food & Drink

Brisbane is obsessed with the American food scene, and there are heaps of food outlets offering American style pizza, sandwiches, bagels and burgers.  There’s also a noticeable presence of Asian cuisine, a love of craft beer and a solid passion for good coffee.



We were so happy to be in a city that valued good coffee, so we were sure that wherever we went, we’d get a palatable brew.  Our first coffee experience was at Scout Café down the road from the Brisbane City YHA.  It’s one of the popular places in town – an understated café playing happy big band music that makes great coffee.


Our second experience was our best – Tutto Caffe Espresso Bar in Ashgrove not only makes amazing coffee but also a monster of a meal, the pork belly challenge.  Imagine succulent pork belly, bacon and haloumi in a Turkish bun with salad and a delicious Moroccan sauce – death by deliciousness.



Bris Cafe




We tried four Asian establishments all up.  If you’re in the city, there are plenty of great options for a cheap lunch.  Roll’d is a healthy Vietnamese franchise that offers Pho in a Cup for $5.90 – a great way to get a daily fix of pho without the belly bludge.  Bing Boy at the food court under Post Office Square is also great in taste and in value.  Juz found it by accident after wandering the city for over an hour, not knowing what to have for lunch.


Brisbane Asian


Bamboo Basket on South Bank was the fanciest place we ate at.  We paid $19.80 for two servings of dumplings but they were pretty tasty.  On the cheaper end of the scale is Trang Vietnamese Restaurant in West End, with a big bowl of pho with silky rice noodles setting you back around $11.90.


Another place that we really wanted to try was Café O Mai – a Vietnamese café that serves breakfast with a western twist.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to going, but if we visit Brisbane again, it will be on the list.


Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall

Another example of Brisbane’s love affair with America, this elaborate saloon style bar with crimson walls and hanging chandeliers is a great place to sip a whiskey and apple juice while listening to live music.  For a change of scenery, go upstairs to the Mermaid Bar for some rowdy seafaring fun.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 293w


Fatboy’s Burgers

The RG in Fortitude Valley has midday munchies sorted with their Fatboy Lunch Specials.  We got a scrumptious BLT with thick sliced bread and loads of bacon, with curly fries with aioli on the side.  The total was $13.70 and satisfied us both.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 151w



Brisbane is a great place for beer lovers.  The XXXX Brewery is the main beer producer in Brisbane, but if this iconic Queensland beer is not your cup of tea, at least try the awesome beef burger on their lunch menu.




If you love kooky and crafty beers, a visit to the Hoo Ha Bar can be enlightening.  This industrial style bar serves a selection of craft beer.  Dave was impressed with the Sunshine Coast Brewery Rye ESB. Which had a luscious raspberry smell and minimal hops. They also had a coffee kolsch, but it wasn’t as good at the coffee cream ale in Ipswich.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 191w


Another great place for beer is Charming Squires on Grey Street.  It seems to be a popular place for after work drinks or a weekend session, and they offer tasting paddles of four James Squires beers of your choice for $12.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 254w


There are also a few microbreweries around town. Check out our article here.


Information & Accommodation

Brisbane’s public transport system is called Translink and it is a comprehensive network of trains, trams, buses and ferries.  We made use of the bus route into the city, as well as the free city loop bus to get around, but the highlight was the free City Hopper ferry that cruises over the Brisbane River.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 051w


There are various tickets you can get to travel on public transport, but the most economical for frequent travelling is a go card, which can be purchased from various locations like 7 Eleven for $10.  You then top up the card with money and touch on/off as you travel.  Paper tickets are available for one time use – they are a one way ticket valid for two hours and are significantly more expensive than go card travel.


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For accommodation, we recommend the Brisbane City YHA. It’s clean, quiet, spacious, and the rooftop deck provides awesome views of the city.  Check out our post here.


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Brisbane City YHA

Brisbane 2015-06-08 060w


When it comes to budget accommodation that’s close to the Brisbane CBD, you can’t go past the Brisbane City YHA.  This award winning hostel has a laid back atmosphere with friendly staff, themed floors so you always know where you are, and plenty of space to do your own thing.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 012w


After enjoying our $100 Day in Brisbane, it was great to have somewhere close to come back to and enjoy a weekly activity.  That night, it was trivia with a BBQ, and we had so much fun, the trivia master invited Dave up to read out a few questions.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 286w



With enough beds to sleep 373 guests, there are a variety of rooms, from multi-bed dorms to private rooms with an ensuite.  All the rooms have air conditioning, keyless entry and powered personal lockers for each bed.


The common areas on the upper level are spacious and clean, so you’ll never feel cramped.  There is a large stainless steel kitchen with plenty of bench space and storage for food, and there is both an indoor and outdoor eating area.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 004w


The rooftop deck features a pool and awesome views of the city. There are regular events like movie nights, guided walking tours, Sunday morning pancakes and Friday BBQs, and there’s also a tours desk at reception for extra-hostel activities.  For those who prefer some quiet time, there is also a reading room, games room, lounge room with a TV and sun chairs by the pool.


Brisbane 2015-05-23 012w


The Brisbane City YHA has a free wifi hotspot, but also offers extra WiFi via Global Gossip.  While there is limited street parking in the area (especially on game days), there is secure parking available onsite for $12 a day, and the hostel has disabled access.


Brisbane 2015-05-22 021w


Things Nearby

Within 1km

  • Bus Stop – About 150 metres from the hostel, on the other side of Upper Roma Street.
  • Supermarket – there’s a Coles about 300 metres north, near the Caxton Street Precinct.
  • Caxton Street Precinct – a quick 400 metre walk will bring you to a variety of bars, nightclubs, food outlets.
  • The Train Station at the Brisbane Transit Centre – a 700 metre walk towards the city along Roma Street.
  • XXXX Brewery – for a great tour of the brewery or a delicious lunch, head west along Milton Road for 950 metres.
  • South Bank Precinct – walk across the William Jolly Bridge and within a kilometre, you’ll be at GOMA and Queensland Museum. A little further along is Streets Beach, the CityHopper ferry, Collective Markets, Arch of Flowers
  • Davies Street Markets


Surrounding Attractions

  • Brisbane CBD – a 1.2km walk towards the city will bring you to King George Square and the Brisbane City Hall. From here, you can catch a free city bus to look around the city or explore on your feet.
  • West End Markets – these markets are located in West End, 2.3 kilometres away. Cross the William Jolly Bridge and head west along Montague Road.
  • Mount Coot-tha Lookout and Brisbane Botanic Gardens – this is the highest mountain in Brisbane and gives great views of the city. It’s a quick 16 minute drive from the hostel.
  • Fortitude Valley – you can either walk the 2.6 kilometres to this nightlife hotspot, or catch the train from the Transit Centre.
  • Eat Street Markets – this is a great market for foodies, with stalls dishing out various international cuisines and yummy desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, try a cruffin or cronut – a croissant dessert like no other.
  • Ipswich – 35km west of Brisbane is Ipswich, a nice spot for a day trip. While there isn’t really that much going on, there are two great places to visit.  The wonderful 1950s décor at Deann’s Coffee House is a real treat while the beer at the Pumpyard is awesome.


The Essentials

The Brisbane City YHA is located at 392 Upper Roma Street, west of the CBD.  Check in is from 2pm every day and checkout is at 10am.  To make an enquiry, call 07 3236 1004 or email


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Ipswich 2015-05-20 018w

City Profile : Ipswich

Ipswich 2015-05-20 018w


Ipswich is a city of over 180,000 people and is around 40km west of Brisbane.  While it was considered to be a separate city, due to urban spread and for statistical purposes, Ipswich is now part of Brisbane’s greater metropolitan area.  Compared to the hustle and bustle of Brisbane, Ipswich is much smaller, more manageable in terms of traffic and getting around, and with a friend from Melbourne stationed at the nearby RAAF Base, we were stoked to stick around and explore the city.


Starting as a limestone mining settlement in 1827, Ipswich is soaked in heritage and one of Queensland’s oldest cities.  It was primarily populated by the first overseas convicts that were sent to mine the area.  The settlement was named Limestone, but in 1843, it was renamed Ipswich after a town in England.  Growing steadily as an inland port that serviced the local industries, Ipswich was a prime candidate to become Queensland’s capital but Brisbane won the votes in 1859.  In 1860, it was declared a town and by 1904, it had grown into a city.


Our first visit was a sunset rendezvous as we were on our way to Toowoomba.  After collecting a map and some tips from the Visitor Information Centre, we quickly got to action, starting with two lookouts – the Lions Lookout at the top of Queens Park and Denmark Hill Lookout atop a water tower just south of the city centre.  Once the sun was gone, we found the Pumpyard, an awesome new bar.


Our second visit was to see Lucy, a friend from Melbourne.  We met for a quick coffee and bite to eat at Deann’s Coffee House before continuing the caffeination with coffee ale at the Pumpyard.


Ipswich 2015-05-23 025w


Desperate to walk off the buzz, we explored the eerily quiet streets before stumbling upon Noodle City for dinner.  Still reeling from all the coffee, we said goodbye to Lucy and headed towards Fassifern rest area for the night.  It was nice and quiet, with a large toilet block and plenty of space.  In the morning, we noticed our neighbours had a very colourful van.


Ipswich 2015-05-24 001w


Ingestion in Ipswich

Deann’s Coffee House

An awesome retro café in the heart of Ipswich – it’s almost like a museum!  Get nostalgic over the old furniture and décor while you sip of a fabulously made coffee or munch on a succulent BLT.  They even play great music.


Ipswich 2015-05-23 003w


The Pumpyard

This place is full of pleasant surprises.  Home to Four Hearts Brewing, the 100 year old heritage listed building used to be a Technical school and was built on the original site that supplied water to Ipswich.  While all of their beers are fantastic, the winner was the seasonal Coffee Cream Ale, a limited edition brew that was deliciously sweet and caffeinated!  Fingers crossed they make another batch again!




Noodle City

This might look like a standard noodle joint but it’s friendly, cheap and the noodles are delicious.  Dave got the BBQ Pork Noodles and Juz got the Chicken Laksa and both went down a treat.


Ipswich 2015-05-23 031w