Anniversary Weekend

Relationships : Our 5 Year Celebration

We celebrated five years together in November.  It feels like it’s all we’ve known but at the same time, it has gone so fast.  We were happy to achieve this milestone while in Darwin and made an extra special weekend of it.


Dave had his first day at his new office job on the Thursday.  Juz wrote a nice poem that told the story of our relationship over the years and picked up some delicious baked goods on the way home.  Dinner was a 24hr slow cooked pork roast before we headed into the city to watch Mystery Road at the Deckchair Cinema.


Anniversary Weekend - Deckchair Cinema


After work on Friday, Dave presented Juz with a beautiful bunch of flowers with a cute card full of sweet words before we drove into the city and checked in at Quest Apartments.  We had a mini pub crawl, stopping at The Cav on our way to the Waterfront.  We had dinner at Fiddler’s Green and some final drinks at The Precinct.  Dave’s schooner of Prickly Moses Black Stallion blew our socks off and the alcohol content knocked us on our arses so we walked back to the hotel as soon as the glass was empty.



On Saturday, we had breakfast at the Roma Bar before attending a morning fish-feeding session at Aquascene.  Later on, we met up with a few members of the Darwin Social Club at The Deck Bar and as the night progressed, we ended up at the Fox Hotel for more drinks and to listen to a musician who was playing all the right songs.  Waking up on Sunday was a bit of a struggle, but we managed to get down to the Waterfront for breakfast at Fiddler’s Green before packing up and going home.



Over the last five years, we’ve learnt a lot about ourselves, each other and about relationships in general.  Gaining perspective from other couples can be handy but at the same time, it’s important to remember that your relationship is just as unique as a fingerprint, and no two relationships are the same.  Here are a few things we’ve learnt along the way.


 1.  Make the decision to love each other or not

A relationship is work – there are going to be highs and lows, and things about the other person that will give you the shits, but only you can decide whether you want to love this person or not.


Love perfectly


 2.  Remove expectation

If you put too much expectation on someone, it can lead to serious disappointment.  Don’t expect them to be a mind reader, tell them what you want.




 3.  Giving is better than receiving

You get out what you put in.  Love, support, security – feed your relationship with the good stuff and it will grow healthily.




 4.  Freedom is oxygen for the soul

Nobody likes to feel like they’re trapped or suffocated.  Give the other person time alone so they can nurture themselves.  Living in each other’s pocket can cause you to forget who you are.




 5.  Don’t compare your relationship to others

Everyone is different and relationships are a combination of two different elements.  No two relationships will ever be the same so don’t feel sad when you notice that your partner doesn’t do something that you thought was endearing in another’s partner.





Fiddler's Green - the big breakfast!

Eating Out : Fiddler’s Green, Darwin NT

Juz had covertly planned a big weekend to celebrate five years together.  It included accommodation in the city, drinking craft beer and dinner at Fiddler’s Green.


When we arrived at the Waterfront, it was clear to see that the Irish pub was super busy.  Most of the tables inside and out were occupied but the hospitable host showed us to a table inside at the back.  As we considered the menu, Juz went to the bar for the first round of drinks.


She chose the Coopers Sparkling Ale for Dave because she remembered that he liked it a lot when we were at the brewery in Adelaide, while Juz settled for a bottle of mango beer from the Matso’s Brewery in Broome.  These went down a treat while we picked what we wanted.  Dave went with the scotch fillet cooked medium and topped with béarnaise while Juz got the chicken schnitzel special.



By the time our meals came out, it was time for another round.  Dave went up this time and got Juz a glass of refreshing pinot gris while he got a 500ml stubbie of Hobgoblin from the Wychwood Brewery in England.  This full-bodied ruby ale is rich with toffee and chocolate flavours with some mild bitterness and a gentle fizz.


Dave’s scotch fillet looked incredible, especially with the generous serving of béarnaise over the top.  He had asked for a medium steak and got a medium steak, which was immediately impressive.  It had a smoky, flame-grilled flavour, and the delicate béarnaise provided additional moisture and a little tang.  The chips were crisp but needed seasoning, and the salad was fresh and flavoursome with a creamy balsamic dressing.


Juz’s chicken schnitzel special was topped with tomato chipotle sauce, mushroom, bacon and cheese, served with a side of chips and salad.  While the tomato sauce tasted a little like BBQ sauce, everything else was thoroughly tasty.  The chicken schnitzel was a good size, cooked fresh, and the mushroom, bacon and cheese went really well together.


We were really impressed with the friendly, jolly atmosphere and the casual but proud staff.  When Juz asked the manager about the quality of the steaks, she received a response that was quite a surprise – that he trusted his cooks and the quality of the meat they used.  Dave’s steak proved this to be true.  We were convinced that this place had more to offer than average food and drink.


Two days later, we went back for breakfast.  Once again, a friendly host showed us to a table and we quickly chose to share an Irish Breakfast and an Eggs O’Benedict.  In the time it took for Juz to go to the bar for a bottle of water, our breakfast was on the table.


The Eggs O’Benedict was the typical muffin slices topped with poached egg, cooked ham and hollandaise sauce.  They nailed everything – freshly toasted muffin with gooey egg, savoury ham and subtly tangy hollandaise – and the microgreen garnish provided the perfect touch of alkalinity to break through everything.



The Irish Breakfast included bacon, fried egg, Texan toast, baked beans, black pudding, potato pancakes and a cooked tomato.  It looked like a typical big breakfast, except for the black pudding – which just looked like really dark sausage slices.  It tasted good, considering it’s made from blood, and the potato pancakes were just little hash browns flavoured with chives.


Despite all the good things about Fiddlers Green, the only disappointment was our coffee – Juz’s soy latte was weak and the milk was badly frothed, and Dave’s macchiato was watery and weak.  Other than that, the service, the décor and the food were all fantastic.



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