Sunrise during our Yangie Island hike

Camping : Coffin Bay National Park

A great national park with a variety of landscapes, from high sand dunes and rocky cliffs to serene bays and limestone pavements.  A sealed road will take you as far as Avoid Bay and the Yangie Bay camping area, but if you plan to go any further, make sure you have a trusty 4WD and keep an eye on the tides.


There are about six campgrounds in the park.  We stayed at Yangie Bay and watched the full moon rise over the still bay.  Campsites were separated by thick bushes and drop toilets are available in the carpark.



Fishing is a popular activity in the park at Almonta Beach and Sensation Beach, while there are plenty of walking trails of various difficulties.  We did the Yangie Island Hike, which is supposed to be a 5km return trip, but it was actually 8km.  It passes the Yangie Lookout, which was beautiful at sunrise, and leads to a beach near Yangie Island.  There are plenty of kangaroos to bump into on the way, as well as the odd emu.


Point Avoid was also nice to visit.  The coastal views were grand and overlook Price Island and Golden Island. Don’t avoid Point Avoid (unless you’re in a ship)!


Entry and camping fees apply.  Permits are available at the self-registration station at the park entrance, or you can get an Annual or Holiday Pass from the Visitor Information Centre at Port Lincoln.