Australia Day 2015 Cairns

Australia Day in Cairns

Australia Day 2015 Cairns


Wow – what an epic day!


With all of our mates back at home in Melbourne, we occupied ourselves by trying to have the most Australian Australia Day possible, and that meant checking out all of the fun community events that were on offer.


Pie Eating and Bull Riding at Cazaly’s

Our first stop was Cazaly’s, a massive entertainment and function complex.  They were hosting a huge Australia Day bash, complete with jumping castles, face painting and the staff dressed up as iconic Aussie characters.


We watched a few rounds of the pie eating competition, downed our first beer of the day, and just as we were getting ready to leave, we were intercepted and convinced to have a crack on the mechanical bull – YEEHAW!



Sausage in Bread on the Esplanade

It was surprisingly easy to find a free parking spot in the city (nobody wants to park under the trees where the smelly bats live).


The Esplanade was packed full of picnickers and people cooling off in the lagoon, with the scent of BBQ wafting through the air.  The members of the Cairns Surf Life Saving Club were doing a sizzle so we pulled out a few bucks for a sausage in bread – a cheap snack before our next stop.


Australia Day 2015 Cairns


Thong Tossing at the Court House

Our next beer was at the Courthouse Hotel, and the main bar was packed with fellas wearing green and gold or donning Aussie flags as capes.  We were just in time for the Rubber Thong Toss so we signed up and took our beers outside to prepare.


This thong throwing competition was all about accuracy, as opposed to the Whyalla comp which was all about distance.  Whoever got their thong in the fountain scored, particularly if the thong landed in the top, central tier.   Dave made it through two rounds while Juz tossed her second thong right over the back fence and was declared 6 and out!  In fact, she was the only one to throw a thong over the fence, thus making her the unofficial winner for distance.



Pool Party at Gilligan’s

The heat and humidity lured us to our next location – Gilligan’s – who were having a massive pool party with Triple J playing over the speakers.  Juz had a dip in the pool and a few pina colada slushies, while Dave picked up another pair of sausage sizzles for snacks.



Cocktails at Salthouse

With the Hottest 100 approaching the top 20, we walked over to the Salthouse to chill out with a cocktail by the marina.  We scored some limited edition Australia Day XXXX Gold stubbie holders and Juz sipped on a Lady In Red concoction as the day started to come to a close.


Australia Day 2015 Cairns


Australiana Triviana at The Red Beret

We popped home briefly to shower and compose ourselves before heading to our final destination – the Red Beret for Australia Day trivia with our trivia teammate Philip.  Our team’s name was the Budgie Smugglers and we ended up in 5th place.


Australia Day 2015 Cairns


Getting to sleep wasn’t difficult.  We got home at about 9:30pm, watched rage briefly and passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillow.  Happy Australia Day!


Epilogue Cafe & Lounge

Eating Out : Epilogue Café & Restaurant, Alice Springs NT

Epilogue Cafe & Lounge


If you’re looking for a great place for breakfast and an even better place to relax with a cocktail in the evenings, then check out Epilogue.  Located on Todd Mall in Alice Springs, it combines hipster coffee culture with a shabby chic cocktail bar, complete with chandeliers and a great tapas menu.


Our first encounter was for Saturday morning breakfast.  We perused the menu of Mexican-style breakfasts and both settled on the breakfast burrito.  After we ordered our food and coffee, we sat outside in the toasty sun.


Epilogue Cafe & Lounge


The coffees were surprisingly fast to arrive, and Juz’s soy latte was topped with the most delectable layer of microfoam.  Dave’s macchiato was fantastic too.  Expectations were high for the food.


Shortly afterwards, our burritos arrived.  Two halves stacked on top of each other, stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, guacamole, salsa and beans with a side of chilli sauce.  While there was definitely enough food and it was well prepared and presented, Juz was hoping for a little more POW from the chilli sauce and the guacamole, but putting her fussy tastes aside, it was a good breakfast.


Epilogue Cafe & Lounge



The second time we went to Epilogue, it was to meet up with Amanda and Gary from Travel Outback Australia.  We had a wonderful night of conversation, food and wine.  The first thing we sampled was the espresso martini.  This was absolutely delicious and set us up for the rest of the night.  We also ordered two pizzas – the mexitarian and duck pizza.  These were absolutely fantastic in flavour and valued at $16 each.  We also got some nachos which were fresh and great to share, as well as some pork meatballs.


Epilogue Cafe & Lounge


We visited a third time when our friend Jenny from Lorella Springs was in Alice Springs for a day.  We took her to all the important places like Mount Gillen, Anzac Hill and the Reptile Centre, and before dropping her off at her hostel for the night, we took her to Epilogue for a drink while the open mic session provided entertainment.


Epilogue Cafe & Lounge


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