Monte's Lounge

Eating Out : Monte’s Lounge, Alice Springs NT

Monte's Lounge
After a successful season of trivia in Darwin, we hit up Alice Springs but found that there was only one place in town that did trivia – Monte’s.


Monte’s is colourful and kooky, with a bohemian atmosphere and circus or carnival décor.  Imagine red, draping curtains, carousel ponies, live cabaret-style shows and a great selection of beers.  We walked in and our eyes didn’t know what to look at!  We found a table in the shooting gallery and waited for trivia to start.


Monte's Lounge


As we waited, we perused the menu and saw pizzas, nachos, burgers and even curry!  Even though we weren’t hungry, we decided that we had to order something because it all looked delicious and well priced.  We went with a pulled pork burger and a large side of fries to share, and once we put the order in, we were given a number.  The service is a little like bingo – keep your eyes on the screen and when your number comes up, you’re a winner!


The burger was absolutely delicious – a toasted bun stuffed with tender pork and coleslaw.  The chips were also impressive, and despite being soft, they had a great texture and flavour.




Trivia started not long after, and the host, who had seemingly skolled three red bulls before getting on stage powered through nearly 50 questions.  We, on the other hand, didn’t know what hit us, and we walked away feeling absolutely mystified.  It was then that we decided that we didn’t need to attend another trivia night at Monte’s, but we definitely needed to return to try more of their tasty menu.


A few weeks later, we gathered at Monte’s with our new friends Gary and Amanda from Travel Outback Australia and had a great dinner before we left Alice Springs.  Dave stuck with the pulled pork burger while Juz tried something different – the Gary Ablett.  This burger was just as sexy as the others with its nicely browned dome of bread filled with chicken fillet, bacon and avocado, aioli and chipotle.  It’s great to see that kind of consistency and quality of food for such a great price.




Monte’s is located on the corner of Todd Street and Stott Terrace and is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 11am til late.


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SPAM Turkey Burgers

Recipe : SPAM Turkey Burgers

SPAM Turkey Burgers


We had already tried SPAM ham with cabbage and onions, and liked it, so Juz was keen on another SPAM Recipe – this time, Turkey Burgers!



  • 1 tbs oil
  • 1 can of SPAM turkey breast, cut into four slices.
  • Mustard, mayo, butter or whatever sauces you prefer
  • Spinach, lettuce or whatever greenery you like
  • Cheese slices
  • Bread



  • Cut SPAM Turkey into four slices.  Heat up pan and put slices in for cooking.
  • Once cooked on one side, flip and place a slice of cheese onto the turkey slices.
  • Once the cheese has melted, turkey is ready to be put into bread with whatever fillings you want.


SPAM Turkey Burgers


While it didn’t necessarily taste like turkey, we did notice the meat to be quite salty.  Not that it was a bad thing.  We both enjoyed the turkey burgers (with mustard, mayo, butter and spinach in Dick’s crusty bread) and said we would eat it again.


SPAM Turkey Burgers


Pulp Kitchen

Eating Out : Pulp Kitchen, Palmerston NT

Pulp Kitchen

After a successful morning of op shopping, our tummies were grumbling so we made our way to Pulp Kitchen in Palmerston for a feed.  We had driven past this place a few times and really liked their image.  Following their play on the Pulp Fiction theme, they have Jules and Vincent stenciled on the walls inside and outside of the building holding ketchup and mustard guns.  It gives the place a trendy look, and was one of the reasons why we wanted to try the place out.


Inside, there’s a huge open kitchen with heaps of staff and there’s plenty of seating inside and out.  The menu consists mainly of burgers and breakfast, but you can also get fish and chips, gyros and milkshakes.


We started off by ordering coffee.  Dave’s macchiato was strong, smooth and chocolaty and a little bit of sugar really set it off.  It had just the right amount of milk but was served so hot that Dave had to let it sit before he could drink it.  Juz’s Soy Latte was weak and the foam was really bubbly.  It wasn’t impressive at all and her expectations for the food plummeted.



Dave got the Ahhh-Yummm Burger, which consisted of slow cooked beef, coleslaw, Swiss cheese and pickles on a fresh focaccia bun.  The beef was super sweet and tasted great but was so juicy that the bottom bun got soggy so Dave left it on his plate – well, it wasn’t really a plate, it was served in a cardboard tray.  Regardless of the crockery and sogginess, Juz felt a little pang of food envy.


We got some chips to share and they were also served in a cardboard tray but this was apt.  The chips were well cooked and seasoned with chicken salt.  We tried to add a bit more salt but the shaker’s contents had fused from the humidity and nothing would come out.


Juz’s Eggs Benedict was awesome.  A big slice of toasted bread topped with juicy ham-off-the-bone, two perfectly poached eggs and tonnes of smooth, creamy hollandaise sauce with just the right amount of tang.  Everything was delicious and the plate was almost clean when she finished.


We didn’t quite know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised with the quality and value of Pulp Kitchen.  The staff genuinely want to please customers and produce great food and drinks. If we’re in Palmerston during breakfast or second breakfast time again, we will definitely visit Pulp Kitchen again.
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Humpty Doo Hotel

Eating Out : Humpty Doo Hotel, Humpty Doo NT

We spent the morning on Adelaide River watching crocodiles jump out of the water so by the time we were heading back to Darwin, we were famished.  Someone in the group had the great idea to stop into the Humpty Doo Hotel for lunch.


This historic pub has a real rustic feel with the concrete floor and bull horns mounted on the wall behind the bar.  There is even a framed newspaper clipping of the article about Norman the Beer Drinking Brahman Bull.  The Humpty Doo Hotel also boasts about being the only drive-thru bottle shop on the Arnhem Highway.


We sussed out the menu – plenty of kangaroo, buffalo and crocodile on offer.  Dave went with the barramundi fish and chips while Juz couldn’t resist the trio of mini burgers.  While we waited for our food to come out, we had a few games of pool.



Dave’s fish dish looked delish!  Two pieces of battered barramundi that were juicy and tender, with a pile of tasty chips and some lemon for seasoning. It was super filling and everything was delicious.


Juz’s trio of burgers were so cute – one was buffalo, one was crocodile and the other was barra.  Working her way from the mildest flavour to the most robust, the barra burger was juicy and delicious, the crocodile burger was ok but the patty was so salty and spiced that the true flavour of the crocodile was masked.  The buffalo burger was very similar to a beef burger.  The buns for all three burgers were super soft and included lettuce and tomato, with a cup of beer battered chips on the side.  Juz went to the condiments and brought back some tartare sauce to add a bit of extra flavour and moistness to the barra and crocodile burgers.


We can’t wait to go back to the Humpty Doo Hotel.  A parmigiana is in order, as well as a purchase of one of their merchandise as a souvenir.


Alfred's Kitchen

Eating Out : Alfred’s Kitchen, Guildford WA

There is a special place in every night owl’s heart for a food outlet that is open until the early hours of the morning.  Back at home, ours was a food truck called Haci’s Kebabs on the corner of Bell Street and St George’s Road in Preston.  You could always count on that place to be open on the way home from a pub crawl to fill your belly with a juicy kebab before you pass out at home.



Perth has a similar outlet, and after driving past a few times and seeing a crowd of people every time, it only made sense to try it out.  Located in historic Guildford, Alfred’s kitchen is a favourite amongst the locals and long distance travellers alike and is rife with its own history.  Established in 1946 by a returning soldier called Frederick Cook, it is Perth’s oldest roadside hamburger joint and is open every night from 5pm.  There are about 40 different burger styles to choose from, like hamburgers, steak burgers, lentil burgers, bacon burgers and hot dogs.  You can even get some lamb curry or beef stroganoff!


We stopped through on the way home after a few pints at the Rose and Crown Hotel.  It was only 7:30 but the crowd was huge.  Still, the friendly chick behind the counter was happy to go through the menu with us.  While we waited for our burgers, we got a cup of their legendary Pea & Ham Soup to share which is served from a giant pot on the stove. It was thick, warming and flavoursome, but Juz reckons it could have definitely done with more smoky ham and less potato.  She’s such a food snob…


We didn’t have to wait long before they were screaming out our number – “56!!!” – and we approached the bench.  With our dinner we were given a sticker for the Troopy and two postcards that we will probably send home to let Victorians know what their missing out on.



Juz ordered the Alfred Special with chilli sauce.  Similar to a Club Sandwich, the Alfred Special is a layered toast sandwich with hamburger, bacon, egg and cheese with gherkin spread, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce.  The chilli sauce added the perfect amount of bite but the real standout was the tangy gherkin spread, which broke through the richness of the succulent burger, savoury bacon and fried egg.  Juz couldn’t get enough and was sad when there wasn’t any more to put into her mouth.


Dave got the monumental CRAM burger, stuffed with hamburger, steak, egg, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, lettuce & tomato in a burger bun.  It was really tall and Dave had to open his mouth super wide to get his mouth around the first bite.  The steak was the most prominent part of the burger, and while it could have done with a little more cheese, it had the perfect amount of moistness.  When Dave finished the CRAM, he turned to Juz and said, “That was a good burger…”  This is an important breakthrough because Dave doesn’t usually go for burgers.


It was a great experience to sit among the locals and enjoy the delicious product of this famous gem.  It would have been even cooler if we were there at 1am, sitting by the fire that they light to keep their patient patrons warm.   Happy and hamburgered, we went back to the counter to thank them for dinner and their hospitality before walking home.
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