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Eating Out : Coastal Kitchen & Coffee

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Coastal Kitchen & Coffee is a bright and eclectic cafe in the historic little town of Milton on the Shoalhaven coast.  We highly recommend this place if you’re passing through the area, not only because our mates Joe and Kate run the place, but also because they serve up some wicked sandwiches.


Our favourite was the magnificent Breakfast Burger!  This giant tower of bacon, egg and hash brown was a great way to start the day.


Shoalhaven 2015-07-29 004


Later in the week, we stopped by for lunch and killed a steak sandwich and chilli chicken burger… and are you seeing these chips? Amazing!


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Coastal Kitchen also do coffee, cakes and freshly squeezed juices. If you’re in the area, stop by for a feed – you won’t regret it.


Thanks Kate & Joe, for having us while we were on the Shoalhaven Coast. We had an awesome time staying with you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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Townsville 2015-04-29 220w

Eating Out : Townsville Brewing Company

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In 2001, Townsville’s old Post Office building was redeveloped and turned into a restaurant, function centre and brewery.  The décor of the place croons smooth and classy with plush velour couches, baroque wallpaper, barrel lid tables and yellow felt pool tables.  Their A-frame sign advertising lunch specials lured us in and the stylish atmosphere, beer tasting paddles and delicious food made us stay.


Townsville 2015-04-29 220w


The Food

We couldn’t pass on the lunch bargain – $12 for a chicken BLT burger with a side of chips and a schooner.  The food arrived relatively fast considering it was lunchtime, and it was served on a wooden board.  The BLT was delicious and filled with a juicy thigh fillet, red relish sauce, bacon and salad, while the chips were seasoned with rosemary and came with a small dish of aioli.  It was the perfect amount of food for the price – even if we hadn’t have gotten a schooner in the deal!


Townsville 2015-04-29 230w


The Beer

We ordered tasting paddle with our meal and held off on getting our free schooner until we’d tasted all the beers and chosen our favourites.  Dave ended up going with the Townsville Bitter Premium while Juz loved the sweet yeasty flavour of the Townsville Bitter Light.

Heartbreak Hotel

Eating Out : Heartbreak Hotel, Cape Crawford NT

Heartbreak Hotel

After spending the morning in Caranbirini National Park, we passed through Cape Crawford and realised we were famished!  It turned out that the only thing in Cape Crawford worth going to is the Heartbreak Hotel so we turned in for lunch.


The lunchtime menu was mainly a list of burgers and sandwiches ranging in price from around $10 to $18.  Juz went for the Heartbreak Burger while Dave chose a Steak Sanga with the lot – both were $18.


While we waited for our food vibrator thingy to tell us when our food was ready, we went into the bar for a beer.  Country music blared out of the jukebox as we played darts and when we realised we couldn’t be bothered adding up the scores, we read all the signs and stickers that were on display around the bar.


Our vibrator thingy didn’t even get the opportunity to buzz – one of the friendly staff brought our meals over and we took them outside to eat on the veranda.



Juz’s Heartbreak Burger was towered high with a massive beef patty, egg, bacon, beetroot, pineapple, caramelised onion and salad, and had a side of well-seasoned hot chips.  The burger hit the spot perfectly, and that juicy patty really set it off.   Dave got the Steak Sandwich and while it was also delicious, he had serious food envy for Juz’s burger.


As we ate, we realised we had company – a few Blue-faced Honeyeaters were loitering around our table.  They didn’t hesitate to come quite close to us so we set some bait to see how far they’d go for a crumb.


Heartbreak Hotel


Humpty Doo Hotel

Eating Out : Humpty Doo Hotel, Humpty Doo NT

We spent the morning on Adelaide River watching crocodiles jump out of the water so by the time we were heading back to Darwin, we were famished.  Someone in the group had the great idea to stop into the Humpty Doo Hotel for lunch.


This historic pub has a real rustic feel with the concrete floor and bull horns mounted on the wall behind the bar.  There is even a framed newspaper clipping of the article about Norman the Beer Drinking Brahman Bull.  The Humpty Doo Hotel also boasts about being the only drive-thru bottle shop on the Arnhem Highway.


We sussed out the menu – plenty of kangaroo, buffalo and crocodile on offer.  Dave went with the barramundi fish and chips while Juz couldn’t resist the trio of mini burgers.  While we waited for our food to come out, we had a few games of pool.



Dave’s fish dish looked delish!  Two pieces of battered barramundi that were juicy and tender, with a pile of tasty chips and some lemon for seasoning. It was super filling and everything was delicious.


Juz’s trio of burgers were so cute – one was buffalo, one was crocodile and the other was barra.  Working her way from the mildest flavour to the most robust, the barra burger was juicy and delicious, the crocodile burger was ok but the patty was so salty and spiced that the true flavour of the crocodile was masked.  The buffalo burger was very similar to a beef burger.  The buns for all three burgers were super soft and included lettuce and tomato, with a cup of beer battered chips on the side.  Juz went to the condiments and brought back some tartare sauce to add a bit of extra flavour and moistness to the barra and crocodile burgers.


We can’t wait to go back to the Humpty Doo Hotel.  A parmigiana is in order, as well as a purchase of one of their merchandise as a souvenir.


The Barra Shak

Eating Out : The Barra Shak, Kununurra WA

The guy who we bought the Troopy off found out that we were in Kununurra and strongly advised that we go to the Barra Shak for a barra burger.  How could we refuse?  One night after we had done the shopping, we saw the Barra Shak sign in the distance and decided that it was time for dinner.


The Barra Shak


We walked in and noticed the massive menu board to the left.  We found the barra burger at $14 with the lot, and also found kangaroo spring rolls at $5 for a pair.  We ordered, took our number and waited outside in their al fresco courtyard.


It wasn’t long before number 15 was called.  We gathered our bits and sat outside in the balmy air.  The first item to disappear was the barra burger.  It contained two battered fillets of barramundi, a fried egg and bacon with mayonnaise, cucumber, tomato and onion.  We took turns taking bites out of it, and it wasn’t long before it was gone because it was delicious.  You’ll find barramundi on the menu almost everywhere in northern Australia and now we know why.  This was our first taste of barra and within a day, we were fishing in the Keep River and eating them fresh from the water.  Yummo!!!



Next up were the kanga spring rolls.  They were bursting with exotic flavours like lemongrass and ginger – almost like a curry spring roll.  They tasted great but all the spices didn’t really allow the flavour of the kangaroo to come out.


We found the Barra Shak to be great value for money and the food tasted awesome.


Planet Burgers - Juz's Mexican chicken souvlaki

Eating Out : Planet Burgers, Exmouth WA

It was a Friday night, we were having a few drinks and Juz was gagging for a chicken parmigiana.


Unfortunately, we were in Exmouth and it WASN’T Wednesday, which means that the chicken parma at the pub was $30 instead of $19.  We simply could not justify paying that much for a meal so we did some research and found out about Planet Burgers.


Planet Burgers


They’ve been operating for over 20 years and sell food out of a trailer behind the pub.  Their main meals are burgers and souvlakia, but they also do hot dogs, chicken nuggets and chips.  Dave and Juz were keen on a souvlaki – Dave got the marinated lamb souva while Juz went with the Mexican chicken souva.  We shared a medium sized serving of chips, but in hindsight, we should have gotten the large chips because they were AMAZING!  Crisp and golden on the outside, yet fluffy and soft on the inside.



Dave’s lamb souva disappeared pretty quickly while Juz relished over the tender chicken, spicy jalapeños and sour cream.  We were really impressed with Planet Burgers – the total price for souvlakia and chips for the both of us was $34, a little over the price of one meal at the pub.  We went back to the trailer when our bellies were full and had a nice chat with the chick inside, who had also travelled around Australia.  After we gave our positive feedback, we went back to the hostel for more drinks and chats with random travellers.


As the night progressed, our thoughts diverted back to those magnificent chips.  Juz was the first to wander off to get some more chips from the trailer.  Unfortunately, she watched them close up shop so she crawled into the Troopy and passed out.  Not long afterwards, Dave went to get some chips but by that time, the trailer was gone.  He found Juz in the Troopy and helped her stumble to the dorm and tucked her into bed.



Dave's scotch fillet burger at the Denmark Tavern

Eating Out : Denmark Tavern, Denmark WA

After a morning of wine tasting in Denmark, we were proper ready for lunch and rumours were circulating that the Denmark Tavern was the place to go for a decent meal.  When we rolled up and parked the truck, the exterior didn’t give anything away.  It wasn’t until we got inside that we realised that we were in for a real treat.


The decor was loft style with large, spacious dining areas , decked roofs, and large wooden support pillars.  The menu was laid out over three or four blackboards and the range was incredible – fish, lamb, soup, vegetarian dishes, curries, burgers, steaks, salads, pasta, AMAZING!  What caught our eye was the $22.95 two course lunch special.  We ordered, helped ourselves to some cold fruit-infused water and sat down outside in the cool shade.



For starters, we ordered the lemon myrtle squid with aioli sauce and vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce.  The squid was lightly battered and tender, and the creamy aioli was a perfect accompaniment.  The spring rolls were fresh and crisp and served with a very light, sweet and tangy dipping sauce.  Each entre was served with a salad filled with lush, ripe produce – the tomato was the best we have tasted in ages.


Within minutes of our entre plates being cleared, the mains arrived.  We were shocked at how fast the food came out considering the quality that was put in front of us!



Dave’s scotch fillet burger was presented in knife impalement style, with his steak and bacon hanging out of the burger like the tongue of a dog.  The steak was cooked perfectly and was smoky and tender.  The burger also had beetroot, crisp lettuce, a fried egg, BBQ sauce and fresh, chewy bread.


Juz’s chicken parmigiana didn’t have ham, but this was forgiven because the chicken fillet was thick and juicy.  While it wasn’t as crispy as expected, it still filled the void and each mouthful was enjoyed wholeheartedly.


The chips were delicious, possibly beer battered, and all were eaten very easily, while the salad was topped with a deliciously creamy and tangy dressing, possibly a herb mayonnaise.


We were thoroughly impressed with the service, speed and quality of our food.  All the great reviews that we read about this place were absolutely true!  Excellent food in generous quantities at a great price in a welcoming atmosphere.  Well done Denmark Tavern!


Tom and Bella with their food - WOWZERS!
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