Staying Fit for Charity

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We arrived in Geraldton on a Saturday afternoon and went straight to the Visitor Information Centre to find out what was on for the weekend.  Juz found out there was a charity run the next morning for Oxfam and without batting an eyelid, she said she would do it.



Oxfam’s Walk Against Want raises awareness of the long distances that people have to travel just to collect fresh, drinkable water.  The event allowed participants to either run or walk and the two distances available were 5km and 10km.  When Juz arrived at the registration table on Sunday morning, she threw caution to the wind and ticked her name off for the 10km run, without expecting to complete the entire distance due to a lack of training.


The race started at 9am and the sun was already quite warm.  By the time she got halfway through, she was hot and thirsty and the chaffing was starting to hurt.  She found a tap at the 6km mark and doused her hair in cool water and a bubbler at the 9km mark quenched her thirst.



The course ended up being around 11km and Juz rose to the challenge of sprinting the last 100m to the finish line.  The distance was a personal best – she had done 8km with her mum for the Mother’s Day Classic less than a year earlier but this distance was really something to be proud of.  As expected, lots of stretching was required and the poor feet were a bit sore, but the real pain was felt in the shower with the hot water stinging all the chaffed spots.


Chaffing - the least fun part about fun runs...


4 thoughts on Staying Fit for Charity

  1. Dougie on said:

    well done Juz for a good cause

  2. Dad on said:

    Yeeeeeeeey!! My Girl!! Congratulations!! 🙂

  3. Ma on said:

    Well done my sweet….kissssssssssssss Ma

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