Review : Kitchen King Pro

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Before we left for our adventure, Dave saw that Juz would be missing her food processor so he got her a very special present – a Kitchen King Pro.


This tool is basically a hand-powered food processor.  It has super sharp blades that cut though vegetables like butter, and once you’ve made a nice salad or salsa, simply remove the blades and eat straight out of the bowl.  Juz has chopped up a variety of things like onions, carrots, broccoli, apple, chickpeas and bananas within seconds!



Want to make salsa? 

Chuck in some onion, tomatoes and coriander with cumin, lemon juice and jalapeños!

Want to make veggie patties?

Chuck your veggies in and process until fine before adding egg and seasoning.

Want to make Juz’s delicious cookie dough recipe?

Chickpeas, honey and peanut butter are no match for the Kitchen King Pro.


Apple, onion and herb topping!


The Kitchen King Pro also comes with a whisking blade accessory if you want to beat eggs or make pancakes, a vegetable slicer and an egg white separator.  The ultimate camp kitchen tool!



What’s your ultimate kitchen tool?




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