Recipe : Overnight Oats

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This is a super easy breakfast if you are organised enough to prepare it the night before. Perfect for camping and early mornings, it’s simply a matter of eat and go.  Enjoy your breakfast on a secluded beach or on a mountain top.  The hardest part about this breakfast is deciding what delicious things you want in it.


Preparation is easier while the sun is up.



Get a container and insert the following base ingredients:

  • 30-50 grams of dry rolled oats
  • 50-100  grams of Greek yoghurt
  • About 50ml of milk, almond milk or water – depends on how thick or runny you want it.


The next ingredients are totally up to you!


Flavour Enhancers

Honey, blueberries, apple and cinnamon, banana, peanut butter, raspberries and citrus rind, raw cacao powder, nuts, coffee, your favourite protein powder, dried fruits, etc.



Desiccated coconut, psyllium husks, chia seeds.


Once you’ve finished adding ingredients, put the lid on the container and give it a good shake to mix everything up.  Put it in the fridge overnight and the oats and thickeners will absorb the water and turn your creation into a delicious oatmeal pudding.



Looking for some ideas?  Here are some I prepared earlier…



Chocolate protein powder/cacao powder



Coco Loco

Chocolate protein powder/cacao powder



Ah Nuts!

Peanut butter

Crushed nuts



Tutti Fruitti

Vanilla protein powder/ vanilla essence

Fruits of your choice – berry mixture, strawberry & banana, apple cinnamon, raspberry with lemon rind, etc.



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