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What better way is there to see the city and meet some locals than with a pub crawl? We didn’t have any company this time around, unlike our crawls in Mount Gambier, Kalgoorlie Boulder, Geraldton and Darwin, but we still had a great time exploring the pubs and beer gardens of Hobart.


Hope & Anchor

This was our first pub for the day and our lunch stop to fuel up for the next few hours. We started with a couple of beers to sip on while we looked around the pub. Built in 1807, it is possibly the oldest pub in Hobart, so there was plenty of cool historical stuff to look at, especially upstairs!


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Fluke &Bruce

We were entitled to $5 schooners of Cascade Draught at the Fluke and Bruce Hotel because we were staying at the YHA hostel next door. So that’s where we had our next drink after we’d checked in.


This spacious pub had an old charm that came through despite the renovations. There were a few antique images on the walls and the carpet and ceiling were somewhat period, but it maintained a clean and modern feel with the new lick of paint and Ben Harper playing atmospherically.


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Customs House

The Telegraph Hotel was closed so we skipped it and went to the Customs House instead. It had a fairly standard exterior for a corner pub but the interior was much more modern than expected.


At this point of the evening, Juz moved onto neat rum while Dave continued his beer quest with a Cascade Stout. They had a copy of the Herald Scum so we sat out the front and did the Superquiz.




The Whaler

Previously known as Knopwoods Retreat – a popular place for a meal and a tipple – the Whaler got a change of identify at the end of 2015.  The name honours Hobart’s whaling history and even the location’s history as it was the place where whalers would return to get paid and have a drink.


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The Whaler is located on the Waterfront in the Salamanca Precinct. It’s quite a small pub on the inside but it increases its patronage with an outdoor area at the front. It might be an old pub but the renovations have caused it to lose a little bit of its charm. The stained glass window murals above the bar were a nice touch though.


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They have a great selection of local Aussie beers and ciders. Dave enjoyed an Ella Pale Ale while Juz tried the Ron de Jeremy rum.


The Brick Factory

Just outside of our next pub, we were halted by a South African from Melbourne who wanted to take a picture of Dave’s dreadlocks with his interesting black and white camera. We had a brief chat about photography, travel, and his vocation as a storyteller for schools before we went our separate ways.


The Brick Factory is a beautiful and classy place for a drink. The front section is a spacious bar area with booth seating, but as you head towards the Grape Bar at the back, the ceilings start to fall and it has quite a cellar feel, complete with Chesterfield lounges and lots of wine in cabinets.


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They have a huge selection of all sorts of spirits, and Juz sampled the Diplomatica rum, which had rich molasses flavours and a honey nut aftertaste. Dave had a dark lager, which got better as it got few degrees warmer.


Waterman’s Beer Market

This was an accidental stop on our way to the Victoria Hotel, which ended up being closed anyway. The Beer Market mainly serves beer, but they also have limited wine and spirit options. They have 12 beers on tap, which are frequently updated. Juz hopped back to beer with a Van Diemen’s White Ale while Dave got a nice and hoppy ale.


Hobart 2016-02-29 129w


Outside, they had a great little beer garden covered in Astroturf, with various nooks and crannies and giant games like Jenga and Connect 4. Dave found the urinal hilarious and was a little unsure about using it at first. It’s a one-way mirror that looks out at the beer garden.


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The New Sydney Hotel

This place was rumoured to be popular with the locals, and it was evident when we walked it because it was fairly packed. We ordered our drinks at the bar – Dave got a beer and some water to cure his hiccups while Juz got another rum but missed the name. She thinks it might have been Matusalem.


Outside in the beer garden, which was more like an alley decked out with stools, there was a huge 2 metre square fire pit with a hills hoist above it, connected to bike chains and cranks. We questioned their intention and they simply said, “to cook meat”. We wish we could be around to see that.



The Winston

It was clear that this was a local favourite. Located about 20 minutes on foot out of the city, The Winston is an American influenced bar with a great menu of drinks and food.


Because this was our last stop, we had dinner. Dave ordered the novel Winston burger with deep fried bacon, grilled chicken, and dill ranch sauce between two waffles – served in a dog bowl. He also got a beer, but currently cannot remember what he got because at that stage of the night, he was a little trolleyed. Juz ordered the buffalo chicken burger with blue cheese sauce and fries, as well as some buffalo wings and onion rings to share with Dave. For drinks, she had a Dictador rum.


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We walked home after our huge dinner, got settled in the hostel and chilled out for the rest of the night.


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