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When the time came to write this list, it was unanimously decided that we wanted to keep it simple but wholesome. This meant choosing items that were low in sugar and nutritionally dense, and making healthy swaps wherever possible.


We also wanted foodstuffs that had a reasonable shelf life, because while we will be purchasing fresh meat, vegetables and fruit when we can, there may be times when the closest supermarket is a day’s drive away and all we have left is what’s sitting in our ‘pantry’.


So here is our pantry shopping list, and if you have any recommendations, please feel free to let us know.


Brown Rice

Tastier and more nutritious than white rice, you can make it into a plain side dish or an exciting salad with a few cut up vegies and a tangy dressing.


Canned beans

Nice and cheap, a good source of protein, fibre and carbohydrates and versatile to cook with.  You can eat straight out of the can as a salad addition or mash or a yummy side dish.


Canned beef chilli

Not the best stuff for taste but can be handy if you can’t be bothered cooking or have run out of fresh ingredients.


Canned vegetables

Once again, not ideal but easy to prepare.


Chia seeds

High in omega-3 fatty acids, full of vitamins and minerals, and is also a complete protein, which means that it contains all 18 amino acids. Great to add to porridge, salads, rice dishes, and pancakes.




Coconut milk

A marvellous alternative to cows milk, it stores easily in a can, is lower in sugars and has more fatty acids, but is lower in calcium and protein. If you’re worried about fat content, get the light stuff.



Fried egg, scrambled egg, boiled egg, poached egg, egg omelette, egg frittata, egg pancakes… the list goes on.



Excellent source of protein that can be stored for moths and is easy to take with you while you explore the cities or wilderness.  We have a great stash of Jim’s Jerky that we get into when we feel like a quick protein snack.


30 Days of Packing Jim's Jerky


Nut butter

A great source of protein and healthy fat that keeps well in the jar and can be eaten straight, on crackers or toast, or mixed into porridge for a nutty twist.



A filling, nutritious food that helps prevent heart disease and diabetes, stabilise blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol. With its fibre and antioxidant content, and quick-to-cook nature, why wouldn’t you take it camping?


Protein Powder

Each serving of ‘good’ protein powder has between 20-30g of protein, and you can get a bunch of flavours like versatile vanilla, choice chocolate and sweet strawberry. Let’s also not forget Manana, Fizzbitch and GUN (YouTube: Powerthirst 2 – Re-Domination). Mix with yoghurt or smashed avocado to make a mousse dessert or stir through your porridge for a yummy breakfast.


protein powder


Raw cacao powder

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, cacao is a thoroughly nutritious alternative to sugary chocolate powder. Use it create chocolate treats like pancakes, porridge, hot beverages or even cake.



Jarred salsa is easy to spoon onto salads, tacos, wraps and even on sweet potato that have been foil-cooked in the fire.


Sardines, salmon and tuna

These oily fish have omega-3 fatty acids, which have a plethora of health benefits, from improving neurological and brain health to reducing cholesterol and risks of cardiovascular disease. They are also high in protein, vitamin B and selenium, which protects your cells from damage and reduces joint inflammation, and all you have to do is crack open a can and eat.


Sweet potato

Compared to white potatoes, they are lower in calories, higher in fibre, and have a lower glycemic index for slower energy release. They also have more vitamin C and A, and about 1500 times more beta-carotene. The best way to cook them is to wrap them in foil with some oil and spices and cook at a medium heat (think 180⁰C) for about 50 minutes, or until soft, but if you don’t have the luxury of an oven or campfire, a few slices on the BBQ are just fine!


sweet potato


So that’s our pantry list. It will probably grow as we go along and if you have any clever suggestions, don’t be shy to let us know!



One thought on Our Shopping List

  1. Dad on said:

    🙂 Hi ..

    Hard to suggest anything to smart youngsters like you guys .. but here is my addition to yours ..
    -fresh fruits, that stores
    -dry fruits, all kind
    -canned fruits/compotes
    -nuts, all kind
    -smoked speck, a good piece/fry and have the eggs over it
    -onion, capsikum, paprika
    -patato, in foil into capm fire/boil whole, sliced, mashed
    -self rising flower for that ‘demper’
    … I am sure there is more, but the ‘troopy’ needs a trailer .. 🙂



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