Our Farewell Party

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We had our Farewell Party on Dave’s cousin’s dairy farm in Leongatha.  We woke up nice and early to get everything prepared – empty the shed, fill the muddy puddles with dirt and clear out the garage.


It was such a great day that turned into an awesome night.  Once we set the bonfire alight, everyone stayed nice and toasty, and there was plenty of extra firewood available in George’s old house.  Juz couldn’t stay awake long enough for the sunrise so Dave took over camera man duties until about 9am.


Here are our happy snaps of the event.


A big thank you to everyone who came, our friends and family, you are the best!




3 thoughts on Our Farewell Party

  1. Shizz Henbowski on said:

    I HATE that I missed this.

  2. cyncyn on said:

    awesome awesome party!!! thanks to George for hosting on his awesome property and showing us his cow milking skillz! Good fire, good friends and god damn i am going to miss you Juz!!!!

  3. Parksy on said:

    An absolutely fantastic night!
    Everything was great (except the next day – HUNGOVER)

    Thanks for such a bloody brilliant time!

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