Welcome to Our Naked Australia

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It has finally happened…

Our Naked Australia is now LIVE!



Hold your horses! We not on the road just yet!  But we do have this awesome website now so feel free to look around, get to know us, our Troopy, and check out our past adventures and tips on what to do around Melbourne.



Can we also get a big round of applause for our IT geeks, Cyn and Matty, who have slaved away behind the scenes to build this site for us.  They’ve made it awesome and super user-friendly – just for you!



And last, but definitely not least, we would like to thank YOU for coming to our site, subscribing, following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, and being an ONA fan.  Stay tuned for updates on our preparations for the great adventure, and never ever forget…




2 thoughts on Welcome to Our Naked Australia

  1. Allieca Cook on said:

    Congratulations on the website guys. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures and learning lots before we take off on our adventure.

    • ONA on said:

      Thanks heaps – we are really excited! Cant wait to read about your adventures as well.

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