ONA on The TODAY Show!!!

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If you missed it this morning – Juz and Dave from Our Naked Australia were interviewed by Channel Nine’s The TODAY Show panel over that hilarious ‘Camel’ photo currently taking the world by storm!!! Watch it here…


The TODAY Show Preview



The TODAY Show Interview



6 thoughts on ONA on The TODAY Show!!!

  1. Nic Mayger on said:

    Hey Dave and Juz, almost fell off of my chair yesterday when I saw your photo on news.com.
    Can’t wait to catch ip with you guys when you eventually get to Sydney.

  2. Dougie on said:

    Hi David & Juz you both are world famous now & I am proud to be David’s parents neighbours

  3. Karin on said:

    I got bitten by the same camel in Harvey six months ago. Same deal – everything was friendly when suddenly bit me in the thighs. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo of the moment, but I do have photos of the resulting bruise (my camel love bite). It was actually quite painful – they have a powerful jaw – you were very lucky you didn’t get hurt!

    • juz on said:

      I am counting my blessings – don’t you worry!
      I spent the first few moments in absolute shock, our friends were coming up to me and asking if I was alright because I was holding my face.

      But when I looked at my camera and realised i got the shot – laughter broke loose!

      At the end of the day – the camel wasn’t being aggressive. I approached it and got up close – If anything bad did happen, it would have been my fault.

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