New Years Eve in Port Elliot

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The Night Before NYE

Juz cooked an experimental Bolognese sauce with Jim’s Jerky biltong and served it with sweet potato noodles, which resembled the tentacles of jelly fish.  We sat at one of the tables on the deck, beside two Germans.  They were curious about our dinner so we sparked up some conversation.  Eventually, more people joined our table and a posse was established.


We figured this would be a great opportunity to prime ourselves for New Years Eve.  Because we had been going to bed before 10pm, it was important to stay awake so that we could last at least until midnight on New Years Eve.



As the sun went down, so did the drinks and the Trivial Pursuit question cards came out for some quizzical fun.  Juz was feeling the strain so she changed beverage from red wine to vodka, before moving along to white wine, while Dave maintained the beer trend until the very end.



New Years Eve

After a difficult morning and frustrating day with the Troopy, we had a nacho dinner with the leftover Jerky Bolognese before starting on the piss.  Dave was back on the beer while Juz worked on some vodka mojitos.


An evolution of the previous night’s posse were on the deck so we joined them for new years festivities.  When the sun set, we headed to Greens Bay, set up a fire, played guitar and got to know each other as the hours whizzed past.



Before we knew it, fireworks were being set off all around us, so we ran up onto the rocks to get a panoramic view of Encounter Bay and the light show at the distant Victor Harbor.



New Years Day

Urgh… another difficult morning.  We slept in as long as possible before we had to get up and help out with the post-NYE clean up.  As soon as the last dish was dried and put away, we headed to Lady Bay for some sand, surf and snorkelling.


Dave & Juz at Ladies Bay



We’d like to wish all of our family and friends a very Happy New Year.  We hope that you all had a safe and celebratory night and all the success and joy you want for 2013.


To the posse we hung out with on New Years Eve – Andrew and Rebecca, Tanya and Josh, Doug and Yuri, Darragh and Simon, Laura and Tracy – you guys are awesome!  Also Tim and Sebastian the Germans, and Penny and Cara.  We hope you guys had a fantastic night.

7 thoughts on New Years Eve in Port Elliot

  1. Darragh on said:

    Great blog guys!
    Epic couple of nights!
    Good luck on your journey!

    • juz on said:

      Cheers mate! We had an awesome time! Thanks so much!

  2. Ma on said:

    Ha Ha….love Dave’s face next morning….he had seriously need of some shade and hat….lol….Ma

  3. Jess on said:

    love that you found an awesome crowd and night to ring in the new year!

    also, i want your hat.

  4. Tanya on said:

    Hey Justine,
    Thanks for taking some great shots – you mentioned that you had some guitar shots as well? could you send some my way via the above email?
    was awesome to meet you guys as well, see you when your in Adelaide.
    Tanya 🙂

  5. feri on said:

    ….it just makes me happy, that your guys are doing well!
    BUEK (Boldog Uj Evet Kivanok…)


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