Natural Wonders : Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve

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Rainbow Valley


We were having some issues with the Troopy heating up on long drives, so after Dave had made some repairs and adjustments, we took it for a test drive.  Just 100kms south of Alice Springs, Rainbow Valley was the perfect distance to see if the cooling system problem had been resolved.  A great place to visit or camp for the night, this colourful bluff is part of the James Range and is layered with hard red sandstone and softer white sandstone.


While the walking tracks around the valley are great to do during the day, it is best to visit about an hour before sunset.  This will give you enough time to take the track through the valley to see Mushroom Rock and return to the lookout to watch the sandstone bluff transform in the light of the setting sun.


There are two camping areas with communal fire pits, picnic tables and pit toilets. Camping fees are payable on site.



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