Melbourne : Do you love dumplings?

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We love dumps – little bite-sized packets of goodness that can be either steamed, fried, baked or boiled.  They can be filled with meat, vegetables or sweet stuff and can be eaten in soups or on their own. Varieties include jiaozi, pot stickers, wontons, dim sum, gyoza and the Nepalese momo.


If you’re in or around Melbourne and you’re trolling for a quick and easy feed, look for dumplings and give these places a go.


HuTong Dumpling Bar

14-16 Market Lane, Melbourne

This is one of the fancy dumpling places in Melbourne, and while the service can be a bit shonky, their xiaolongbao (aka soup bags, Shanghai dumplings) are awesome. Classified as a bun in China, these delicious dumps are little sacks filled with pork and soup.

To eat it, put the dumpling onto a spoon, bite the top off and suck the soup out before devouring the rest.



North East China Family

302 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

NECF is a modest eatery on the south side of the CBD that does a great plate of chicken and prawn dumplings at a good price. Their salt and pepper squid is fantastic as well!



Shanghai Noodle House

Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne

The ultimate in poor uni student dining, this small eatery is very plain and basic but they know how to make fried pork dumplings with a nice, crispy casing and succulent filling. Pure perfection!



Noodle Kingdom

469 High Street, Preston

It’s fun to watch the cooks make dumplings in the window, but don’t forget to go inside and try some of their food. They have a great selection of noodle soups, but the fried beef dumplings are great. Big fat dumplings filled with beef and spring onion that are hot, fresh and full of flavour.




Do you have a suggestion on where to get good dumps?


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