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Coffee for most is a daily ritual.  We purchase our personal preference from our favourite coffee shop and sip away to get our morning slap, but how often do you truly stop to appreciate the flavours?  Is your coffee bitter or bland, creamy or sharp?  Is it made with love or greed?


At mahalia coffee, you know that you will always get a product made with passion, love, and with your preferences in mind.



Mahalia Layzell trained as a chef in Melbourne before moving to Robe.  She started running a café with her husband, Paul (who is also a chef) in 1996 and after three years, they decided to start roasting her own coffee beans.  After doing a lot of reading and research, Mahalia taught herself to become a master roaster, developing a recipe would produce a great cup of coffee!


The café became secondary to roasting and was eventually sold so Mahalia and Paul could focus their attention on perfecting their recipe and creating new blends.


Mahalia is a profiler, which means that she follows a specific recipe to cook the beans and there is a certain amount of attention to detail involved, as opposed to browning, which means that the beans are cooked until they are a certain colour, not considering temperature, air flow or flavours.  We were lucky enough to be given a tour of her roasting house and watch her do her magic!



The philosophy behind mahalia coffee is simple – quality over quantity.  It’s not about making a lot of product or growing the business into a multi-million dollar enterprise.  It’s about loving what you do and providing a product that produces the best results.  Mahalia has developed 5 blends, ranging from light and creamy to rich and robust, as well as a decaffeinated blend, and her coffee has won a variety of awards, including the Golden Bean Award in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010.


Today, her busy outlet sells coffee, tea and hot chocolate, as well as mugs and tea sets, coffee grinders, percolators, plungers and espresso machines.  She also offers consulting and espresso making courses to her customers.


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