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Dave @ Lerderderg State Park


We went camping in April 2011, just because we wanted to. There was no special occasion or invitation from friends. We simply wanted to spend a night in the bush. After a bit of research on the Parks Victoria website, we found Lerderderg State Park … and giggled at the name. It took us a while to figure out how to pronounce it, but once we got it, we couldn’t stop saying it.


Lerderderg gets its name from the river that runs through it. Over the years, the river has cut through the sandstone and slate to create a deep gorge, which is called Lerderderg Gorge.


In January 2011, high intensity rainfall caused major flooding across the western and central parts of Victoria. We went camping at Lerderderg State Park in April and evidence of the floods was still there with lots of debris around the river.



Where is it?

Lerderderg State Park is located just north of Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, about an hour’s drive northwest of Melbourne. We entered from the west along the Greendale Trentham Forest Road and drove into the heart of the park via O’Briens Road.


GPS Coordinates: -37.496005,144.35953


Parks Victoria – Lerderderg State Park Visitor Guide


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Points of Interest

O’Briens Crossing – a popular place for weekend camping, it has toilets and fireplaces and there are a few walking tracks that begin at this location.

XL Track – if you continue past O’Briens Crossing, the rocky road continues to wind upwards through the trees and you will eventually get to the XL Track turn off. Follow this road and you will be rewarded with a quiet and isolated camping spot.

4WD Tracks – there are a few four wheel drive tracks in the north and east of the park, including Upper Chadwick Track, Diggers Track and Ratcliffe Track.



It’s a really great example of a Victorian park, with that fresh, moist air.  We are so lucky to have Lerderderg so close to Melbourne.


The first time we camped here, we didn’t have the troopy so we took our trusty little Toyota Corolla. We drove down to the bank of the river, camped the night, and when we packed up and tried to go home, the car couldn’t get traction up the steep unpaved incline back to the road. We had collected quite a crowd of onlookers by our fourth attempt. It wasn’t until we had rolled back as far as we could and fanged it up the hill that we managed to gain enough momentum to get to the main road.


Fun to visit and fun to say, Lerderderg has become our local state park for quick camping and flippant 4WD fun.



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