Helpx : Landscaping in Alice Springs

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Our first Helpex assignment in Alice Springs was to do some landscaping for a family of four.  We stayed with them for four days and worked around 4-6 hours a day in exchange for accommodation and meals.  Conveniently, they had a vacant granny flat at the back of their property so we were given spacious accommodation with a bed, fridge, cooking facilities, wifi and an en suite bathroom.




On the first day, Dave did a tonne of weeding (so many weeds!) and also dug a shallow trench around the in-ground trampoline, while Juz dragged the vacuum through the house and mopped the floors.  That night, our hosts treated us to some yummy salmon pasta bake.


Over the next few days, Dave and Juz worked together to spread sand and mulch around the garden and line the beds with rocks.  We ended up making their garden look awesome, and we were a little sad to pack up the granny flat and move on.



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