Happy Australia Day!

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Are you ready with your snags and your flip flops and your beer?  Are you close to a body of water like the beach or a pool? Do you have your radio tuned to the Triple J Hottest 100, ready to crank out some wicked tunes?  Well you better because today is Australia Day and it’s time to party!


About Australia Day

Australia Day is our national day and marks the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet of British ships at Sydney Cove in New South Wales.  Because of this, Australia Day is also known as Anniversary Day and Foundation Day.


To others, Australia Day is known as Invasion Day, particularly within the indigenous population of Australia.  Invasion Day celebrations occur almost every year to promote awareness of their presence and their desire to resolve land rights issues.  There have been suggestions to change the date of Australia Day to make it more inclusive and nationally significant.


To many Australians, this national public holiday has a more contemporary meaning and is all about celebrating what’s great about being Australian.  People go to the beach or have BBQs with their friends and families.  It’s also a day that we officially welcome new Australians who have been granted citizenship.


Australia Day 2013

Last year, we were in Whyalla for Australia Day and it was one of the best Australia Days yet.  We took part in the community activities and Dave came second in the Thong Throwing Competition.


Second place at Thong Throwing in Whyalla


Later in the evening, we met an older couple who invited us into their home for a few drinks and some show and tell.  The wife was an animal lover and bred bearded dragons, as well as making some of the most beautiful porcelain dolls Juz had ever seen.


We hope to have another ripper Australia Day this year in Darwin.


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