Goon Review : Stanley Chardonnay

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Stanley Colombard Chardonnay

The Stanley Wine Company was founded in 1893 at Clare with the intent of producing high-quality wines.  Cask wines started rolling off the production line in 1984, and the Stanley cask is now an Australian icon.


We purchased two casks for $20 – a deal that was offered at the bottle shop.  That’s 8 litres of wine for $20 – VERY CHEAP!


The Colombard Chardonnay has a buttery smell with hints of tropical fruits.  It has a slightly zesty entry but finishes soft and smooth with flavours of peach and gentle oak.  A very drinkable wine!


Stay tuned for our goon review of Stanley Cabernet Merlot.


2 thoughts on Goon Review : Stanley Chardonnay

  1. feri on said:

    ..oh no!! Not that one !! 🙂

    I bought mine a few weeks ago .. chardonnay and cabarnet-merlot! I can’t drink it… so I’ll use them for cooking. I hope your experience is better inh a long run .. 🙂



    • juz on said:

      hahaha it’s not that bad!

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