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Beer has been around for ages, since before the time of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, but it didn’t come to Australian until Captain Cook brought it with him – not particularly to drink, but to preserve the water on the Endeavour. At this stage, however, rum was the stuff pirates and seamen preferred to get pissed on.


The first brewer of Australian beer was a guy called John Boston who made beer from Indian corn and cape gooseberry leaves, and the first pub, The Mason Arms, opened in 1796 in Parramatta. Many early beers were brewed without hops, until James Squire figured out how to cultivate it in 1804. Lager didn’t hit the scene until 1885 and was first brewed by the Gambrinus brewery in Melbourne.


These days, Australian beers are enjoyed around the world and is a part of our culture, with microbrewers opening up all over the country.




Wineries in Australia began in 1788 when Captain Arthur Phillip got to Sydney and tried to grow some grapes. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very kind so the first vines didn’t thrive, but by the 1800s a guy called John Macarthur was doing just fine with his vineyard, which was located about 50km south west of Sydney.


By 1850, there were vineyards in each state of Australia and we started exporting our wine back to the UK in 1854. Since then, we’ve become the fourth largest wine exporter in the world, just behind Italy, France and Spain. Wine has become a part of our culture, with the growth of wine bars, appreciation courses and boutique wineries and cellar doors open for tastings and sales direct to the public.


Wineries are important to Australia, not only for growing grapes and manufacturing wine and other products, but also for tourism. Many wineries offer accommodation and tours, as well as a lovely meal in their restaurant or picnic facilities. We hope to take advantage of this opportunity to visit some wineries, meet the characters that run them, and taste the fruit of their labour.


We are open to suggestion so if you know of a great brewery or winery, let us know!

Hobart 2016-02-29 011w

Food & Wine : Hobart & Surrounds

April 7th 2016

  Tassie has an abundance of local food, wine, beer and whisky, we tried our best to visit as many as we could! There are a few places located in a the heart of Hobart, but there is also the Coal River Valley …

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East Coast Tasmania 2016-02-25 020w

Drink : East Coast Tasmania

April 1st 2016

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Tamar Valley 2016-02-23 221w

Drink : The Tamar River Valley

March 18th 2016

The Tamar River Valley runs from Launceston to the Bass Strait and is dotted with vineyards, wineries, orchards, farms and maritime motifs. We wish we had more time in the Tamar Valley – it was a great introduction to Tasmanian …

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Central West 2015-07-17 300w

Explore : The Central West

December 14th 2015

  The Central West region in New South Wales is the area west of the Blue Mountains and includes Young in the south, Dunedoo in the north and Parkes in the West.  It’s a wet region that’s high in elevation …

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Sydney 2015-07-06 025w

Drink : Breweries in Sydney

November 16th 2015

  We went to five breweries while we were in Sydney, only missing out on visiting the Lord Nelson Brewery on the Rocks.  Still, we think we got a really good picture of how clever and crafty you can get …

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Hunter Valley 2015-06-23 077w

Drink : The Hunter Valley

October 20th 2015

  The Hunter Valley Wine Region is located around 60km inland from Newcastle, with Pokolbin at the centre.  It’s the hottest wine region in Australia and despite the plethora of vineyards and wineries, the area contributes only 3% of the …

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Beer in Brisbane

September 1st 2015

  The biggest beer producer in Brisbane is the XXXX Brewery, but there are plenty of little microbreweries around town.  We did our best to taste what Queensland’s capital had to offer.     The Brewhouse The Brewhouse is a …

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XXXX Brewery 2015-06-03 071w

Attraction : The XXXX Brewery

August 21st 2015

  When it comes to beer in Queensland, you can’t get any more iconic than XXXX.  Get educated about the golden blood that runs through the veins of Queensland with a tour of the XXXX Brewery.  The extensive 90 minute …

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Bundaberg 2015-05-12 108w

Big Things : The Bundaberg Barrel

July 29th 2015

  The Bundaberg Barrel represents many things.  Apart from being considered as one of Australia’s Big Things, the Bundy Barrel is a family owned, Australian brewery that specialises in non-alcoholic soft drink.  We’re all familiar with Bundaberg Ginger Beer, but …

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Bundaberg 2015-05-11 062w

Rum : The Bundaberg Distillery

July 23rd 2015

  Huzzah!  We arrived in Bundaberg on an absolutely stunning May morning and it would have been absolute poppycock if we didn’t go and visit the home of a great Aussie legend, Bundaberg Rum.  After spending the day seeing the …

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XXXX, Cape York

Brew Review : XXXX

February 24th 2015

  Yo – Dave here.  We’ve been in Queensland for a few months now so here comes another brew review.   I knew that once we got to the Sunshine State I would have to try XXXX – “The Pride …

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Mt Uncle Distillery

Taste : Mt Uncle Distillery

November 15th 2014

  Located in the heart of the Atherton Tablelands, Mt Uncle Distillery is North Queensland’s first and oldest distillery.  Their delicious liqueurs & spirits are made with locally sourced ingredients and are fermented and distilled on site.   The Distillery …

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Brew Review : Kiss Destroyer Beer

November 1st 2013

Yo – Dave here for another brew review.   I’ll start by saying: Bwahahahaha!     This limited addition to the Kiss Army range of merchandise fits straight in to the rest of the cheesy junk the put on the …

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