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Juz was not a particularly active child, but she wanted to be.  In her primary years, she dabbled in karate, softball, scouts and ‘rounders’, an old British bat-and-ball game similar to baseball, but nothing really took her fancy.  She preferred to be on stage – playing guitar, acting and singing in the choir.


When she got to high school, she was encouraged to join the athletics team because her strength and weight was an advantage for shot put and discus, and she even tried the swimming team but hated diving into a cold pool at 6am.


She retreated back to the stage, and by the time she got to uni, any inclination towards sports had disappeared.


It wasn’t until she was diagnosed with PCOS that she realised that her weight had ballooned out of control.  Twisties, Cheezels, chocolate, smoking, drinking, not eating properly – all these things were taking their toll and for the first time in her life, Juz had to start take responsibility for her own health.



Over the next 5 years, she worked hard at the gym, researched healthy eating, pounded the pavement, tried a handful of diets, signed up for fun runs, won a Biggest Loser competition at work, started practicing Krav Maga, reduced the boozing, and quit sugar.


She fell off the horse and got back on so many times, and after an epic battle with the struggles within herself, she has managed to lose about 20kg and be in the best physical condition of her life.


There have been so many achievements to be proud of but there is always room for improvement.  Juz wants to use her time travelling around Australia to get even leaner and meaner, and has asked Dave to train her like he was trained at his gymnastics club.  Plus, she’s gotta be able to fit into the bridesmaid dress for her friend’s wedding in March!



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