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Dave started gymnastics when he was just 6 years old.  He excelled at the rings and parallel bars, eventually becoming the national champion of his division when he was 12.


His physical strength, flexibility and coordination were at an all time high and he got involved in his school’s athletics and footy teams, and played a bit of baseball too.


A few years after starting high school, he decided to give up his regimented training and self-discipline for beer, cigarettes and Metallica.



When he was 17, he tried taekwondo for 6 months but didn’t warm up to it so he stopped.  That was the last time he was involved in anything physical, other than pub crawls and games of volley ball in the park.


Despite such a long period of inactivity and lack of training, most of his lean muscle has remained, but since taking up smoking as a teenager, his overall fitness has declined.  Dave hopes to use this time on the road to regain his fitness.

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  1. Maria on said:

    Hahahahaha well we all look forward to Daves triumphant return to fitness.

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